6 Warm & Inviting Principal Offices You’ll Want to Copy

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collage of images from one principal's office

A principal’s office serves many purposes: command central; quiet study area; meeting space with children, teachers, and parents; and more. Needless to say, it’s a space in which you spend many, many hours. So why not make it a space that is comfortable and attractive? Here, we feature six principals who did just that. With DIY savvy, they’ve converted their spaces to warm, welcoming, efficient spaces. Take a look and get inspired by this principal office decor!

Warm and Homey

principal's office with red wall, colorful window valance and cozy seating areaa corner view of an office with colorful accent pillows and a large tree in the corner. Also, a close up of a globe on top of a bookcase.

This principal wanted to give her space ‘a little bit of love,’ and, in this case, fun accessories did the trick. Comfy pillows, a soft rug, pops of color, and faux succulents all soften the space and invite people in.

Source: The Turquoise Home

Fresh and Modern

a collaborative workspace with a white table and 4 white chairs and a bookcase filled with books and accessories. a principal's work area with white desk and bookcase and a pink rolling office chair

Inspired by the COVID nesting effect, this principal revamped her space with an uber-functional collaborative space and a smartly organized desk area. An extensive culling of professional materials allowed space for what she calls ‘decorative this and thats,’ personal photos, and fun accessories. To top it off, a luscious peach office chair takes center stage, allowing this principal’s personality to shine through.

Source: The Modern Principal



Whimsical and Colorful

a principal's work space with a bright teal wall, table and chairs and a wall of bookcases. Also, four prints , action figures and the book Where the Wild Things Are

This principal wanted to transform her space from a bland bore to a space that screamed, “Wow, let’s hang out here.” A fresh coat of Sherwin-Williams’ Peacock Plume set the stage. Prominently displayed over a bookcase filled with favorite children’s books is her mantra: Choose Kind. A few more touches, and voila! Mission accomplished.

Source: Principal Patterson Ponderings

Old World Charm

A female principal wearing a mask sitting in a comfy chair in her lovely office

Luxurious rug and comfy chair—check. Antique credenza—check. Old world accessories—double check! This principal’s office space feels more like a corner in a fine furniture gallery than an ordinary school office—a great space to start your day inspired and centered.

Source: iam_mariamay

Organically Inspired

a principal's office featuring bookcases, a sofa and coffee table and a desk in the background

With books galore, a comfy couch, and life-breathing greenery, this principal’s office space feels more like a comfy den than a staid administrative office. This principal wanted his space to be a safe haven and a place of belonging for all his students.

Source: principal_eatherton

Focused on the Mission

an office space with three inspirational prints centered on the wall

When your space is centered around the words that matter most to you, it creates a welcoming environment. This principal put hers front and center—a daily reminder to inspire her and others.

Source: Rocky Top Teacher

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6 Warm & Inviting Principal Offices You'll Want to Copy