This Free Poetry Worksheet Bundle Is Perfect for Your Poetry Unit

Haiku, limerick, ode, and more!

Flat lays of poetry worksheet bundle
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Learning to read, appreciate, and write poetry can be such a joyful experience in the classroom. But that last one is probably the trickiest. To help you out, we’ve created eight different worksheets covering common poetry types. We’ve provided background on the poetry types, examples, and space and directions for students to write their own. So if you’re getting ready for your poetry unit, you’re going to want this poetry worksheet bundle!

Try the “I Am” poem template

Flat lays of "I Am," autobiography, and acrostic poems

The “I Am” poem worksheet includes sentence starters to guide student writing. Remind them to start and end with the same sentence.

Write an autobiography poem

This one is also very guided, but it’s a great intro to poetry. We’ve included instructions below each line.

Get the printable acrostic worksheet

Students can use our template to write acrostic poems with their names, seasonal words, or vocabulary words from science or social studies for a nice cross-curricular activity.

Use our haiku worksheet

Flat lays of haiku, limerick, and ode tempates

Because haiku have syllable requirements, we’ve added those below each line to help students out. There’s room for them to write three haiku.

Learn how to write a limerick


In addition to syllable requirements, limericks have a rhyme scheme, so we have line-by-line instructions on this one as well.

Try the worksheet on how to write an ode

An ode is essentially a tribute to a person, thing, or event. Lots of space for this one!

Teach your class how to write a couplet

Flat lays of couple and blackout poem templates

Couplets end in a rhyming word, so we’ve created boxes at the end of each line as a reminder. We recommend having students select their rhyming words first.

Try your hand at blackout poetry

For the blackout poem, we pulled a page from J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. (New to blackout poetry? Read this article.)

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