10 of Our Favorite Poems About Teaching

Words to inspire and contemplate.

10 of Our Favorite Poems About Teaching

We love Poetry Month! Time to slow down and take in the sweet deliciousness of beautiful words. Time to dig deeper, let loose our imaginations, and examine thoughts and emotions in a different way. Most likely, you spend most of your efforts collecting poems that will strike a chord with your students, so we’ve collected 10 amazing poems about teaching just for you—to inspire, amuse and tap into the deep connection we all have with this crazy yet lovely profession.

1. A Teaching Fantasy by Margaret Hatcher

If only it were this effortless!


2.  A Teacher’s Lament by Kalli Dakos

Yep—teachers are human too!


3. Room 19, Eakin Elementary by Diane Gilliam Fisher

When words create such a colorful picture.


4. Subject to Change by Marilyn L. Taylor

You can’t really understand the connection until you’re in it.


5. Raising Their Hands by Julia Lisella

Wise observation, and patience pays off in the classroom.


6. Teaching Dreams by Cecil B. Morris

The best part of teaching—having an impact.


7. Marked for Life by Janie Reinart

Every reading teacher is familiar with this scenario.


8. Opposites by Eileen Snook

Some days …


9. What Teachers Make by Taylor Mali

Puts into words what so many of us feel in our gut.


10. Forced Entry: To My Students, With Love by Margaret Hatcher

To be bold as a teacher.


For more poems about teachers and teaching, check out these amazing collections:


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