If you are a teacher attempting to share your love of poetry with students, you probably put a lot of effort into searching for poems you think will strike a chord. Thank you! And to show our appreciation, we’ve collected 15 amazing poems about teaching just for you—to inspire, amuse and tap into the deep connection we all have with this crazy, lovely profession.

1. Raising Their Hands by Julia Lisella

Raising Their Hands poem

Sometimes I dream about my students.

2. Teachers by Kevin William Huff

Teachers poem

It all begins with a teacher.

3. Lessons of Another Kind by Leslie Owen Wilson

Lessons of Another Kind poem

Learning instead is a powerful message.

4. My Teacher Wasn’t Half As Nice As Yours Seems To Be by Roald Dahl

My Teacher Wasn't Half As Nice As Yours Seems To Be poem

Let us praise teachers who today are all so fine!

5. A Teaching Fantasy by Margaret Hatcher

A Teaching Fantasy poem

Someday one may catch your attention.

6. The Silliest Teacher in School by Darren Sardelli

The Silliest Teacher in School poem

What is all this fuss?

7. Teachers by Beryl L Edmonds

Teachers poem

A dedication to teachers everywhere.

8. Subject to Change by Marilyn L. Taylor

Subject to Change poem

They seem to glitter with perfection.

9. The Hand by Mary Ruefle

The Hand poem

When you just want someone to answer but they daydream instead.

7. A Teacher’s Lament by Kalli Dakos

A Teacher's Lament

I’m tired of all your excuses; they are really a terrible bore.

8. Room 19, Eakin Elementary by Diane Gilliam Fisher

Room 19, Eakin Elementary poem

It’s not allowed, visiting with your neighbors.

9. Teaching Dreams by Cecil B. Morris

Teaching Dreams poem

Some nights students return to me.

10. Marked for Life by Janie Reinart

Marked for Life poem

Marking the progress of your struggle to learn.

11. Opposites by Eileen Snook


Overweight, overtired, and overlooked.

12. What Teachers Make by Taylor Mali

What Teachers Make poem

You want to know what I make?

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15 of Our Favorite Poems About Teaching