These Free Guides Help Answer Common Parent Questions About Remote Learning

Help connecting with classmates and finding time for social interaction.

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If you’re teaching online, we’re sure you’re getting a ton of questions from parents. Especially ones about how their students can connect with others. It’s certainly a very stressful time, and children are feeling isolated. Even if you are teaching in person, your students are probably still struggling to connect due to mask-wearing and social distancing. That’s why Messenger Kids and Messenger have launched a series of FREE digital guides to help students stay socially connected this school year.  Instead of sending email response after email response, why not send the guides to all of your parents?! Parents will discover new ways to connect their children with other students in your class.

The guides cover questions like:

“My child doesn’t recognize anyone in his class. How is he supposed to make friends?”

Every new year means new classmates! In a digital classroom, it can be difficult to connect. Luckily, Messenger Kids allows students to connect with their peers. Once parents have downloaded the app and connected with their classmates, they can schedule a virtual playdate! This helps build and strengthen friendships while also helping kids practice skills like building vocabulary, listening, storytelling, and learning to compromise with others.

Check out the free guide on connecting with new classmates.

“It’s recess time but my kid wants to just play Minecraft. How can I get him to connect with others, even virtually?”

Absolutely! If there’s one thing we know, it’s that kids need to get up and moving. Especially if they’ve been learning online all morning! Messenger Kids is a great way to have a virtual recess while still interacting with other classmates. Students can connect with a classmate on a video call and choose a two-person activity from the Messenger Kids Activity Center. Encourage them to take turns picking activities and discuss what activities each friend likes best. These virtual social activities help them continue to develop important lifelong skills like critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving.

Check out the free guide on virtual recess.

“My daughter wants to study with other classmates, but she’s not comfortable just asking in a Zoom call. What do I do?”

Messenger Kids has that covered too. We know that sometimes, the learning needs to extend beyond the classroom. Study breaks and study groups are a great way for students to ask for help and study for tests together. It’s also a great way to socialize and express themselves. With Messenger Kids, kids can join a group to study but also use fun filters, stickers, GIFs, and sound effects to express themselves. This further helps them stay engaged and connected. They’ll understand that tricky homework in no time!

Check out the free guide on virtual study groups.

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These Free Guides Help Answer Common Parent Questions About Remote Learning