20 Fun and Educational Olympic Videos for Kids

Celebrate the human spirit!

Olympics Videos for Kids

Many of us can remember watching our first Olympics Games. We might not have fully understood what was happening, but it’s hard to forget the special excitement that comes from watching the events. Encourage students to embrace the spirit of the Games with these fun and informative Olympic videos for kids of all ages.

For Elementary

Kid Explains the History of the Olympic Games

Where did it all begin? This kid breaks down the unique history of the Olympic Games.

The Olympic Games for Kids

Sing along with Jack Hartmann as he shares a quick overview of the Olympics.

Kids Vocabulary – Olympic Sports

Introduce a wide range of Olympic events and help kids expand their vocabulary!

What Are the Olympics for Kids?

How often are the Olympics, and what is it all about? These kids break it down!

Winter Olympics Facts for Kids


These fun and interesting facts include information about the 2022 Beijing Games!

Olympic Facts for Kids

What are the most popular winter sports? What goes into an Opening Ceremony? This video answers your burning questions!

Summer Olympics Workout

Get moving with this fun Olympic-inspired workout video!

Cosmic Kids Olympic Yoga

Celebrate human endeavor, strength, and determination with this great Olympic yoga video!

For Middle & High School

The Ancient Origins of the Olympics

How did the Olympics become the greatest show of sporting excellence on Earth? Dig into the history and evolution of the global event.

15 Things You Didn’t Know About the Olympics

Thought-provoking information, including how the Olympics have been impacted by the pandemic and why there was a push to boycott the Beijing Games

How Much Does it Cost to Be an Olympian?

How much does the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) spend to fund their athletes, and how does it compare to other select nations across the globe?

How Young Olympians Train for the Winter Olympics

What does it take to train for the Winter Olympics? U.S. Olympic athletes share their daily routines and what it takes to become an Olympian.

What Does the Diet of an Olympian Look Like?

This eye-opening video takes a look at what some Olympic athletes eat every day.

Top 10 Winter Olympic Moments of the 2010s

A recap of some of the best moments from the Winter Olympics, including legends cementing their legacies and unforgettable winning moments.

101 Facts About the Olympics

This video shines a light on this ancient tradition, which is full of wonderful trivia and strange beginnings.

Top 10 Youth Olympians Who Became Olympic Champions

Can you imagine winning a gold medal at just 15 years old? This video is full of amazing teens who followed their dreams and won big!

Complete List of Sports at the Beijing Winter Olympics

Olympic events change over time. This is a list of current sports we can expect at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

30 Iconic Winter Olympic Moments

Revisit some of the most amazing moments in Winter Olympic history!

Best Ever Comebacks at the Winter Olympics

This compilation is proof that we should never give up!

10 of the Greatest Olympic Moments Ever

This heartwarming video showcases some of the most incredible moments to ever happen at the Olympics!

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20 Fun and Educational Olympic Videos for Kids