30 Gifts Music Teachers Will Be Jazzed To Receive

These ideas hit all the right notes!

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How great are music teachers? Really great! If you want to show your appreciation for these fantastic folks, we’ve got the best music teacher gifts that will have them singing from the rooftops! We’ve curated a list with picks to fit any budget, that will work for teachers from elementary to marching band directors, and that will keep you from handing them their seventh “My Class Is Full of Treble Makers” mugs.

Quick tip: Check your school’s gift policy before giving; some prohibit homemade treats and/or gifts over a certain monetary value.

1. A heartfelt thank-you note

Photo of a pop up piano card

Teachers love nothing more than a personal note that reminds them that they’ve made a difference. Do you have to do that via an elaborate pop-up card? Of course not. (Unless you’re like me.)

Buy it: Pop-up piano card on Amazon

2. Amazon eGift card or other gift card

photo of gift card

Gift cards can feel like a cop-out, but they’re the best way to ensure that your music teacher really gets what they want. (Psst—Amazon eGift cards are super easy and give the option to send a thank-you note via email right away!)


Buy it: Amazon eGift Card on Amazon; Target Gift Card at Target

3. Sound-wave art

Soundwave art

Is there a special song your music teacher taught? Get it printed in sound-wave form from this Etsy seller. With tons of colors and styles to choose from, you can get a meaningful gift that looks beautiful too.

Buy it: Sound Wave Art on Etsy

4. Do Re Mi sticker set

Best Gifts for Music Teachers: do re mi stickers

How cute is this sticker set? Whether they end up on a water bottle, file cabinet, or laptop case, the choir teacher in your life is bound to love them.

Buy it: Do Re Mi sticker set on Etsy

5. Pillowy slides

Best Gifts for Music Teachers: pillow slides

Unless they are also the accompanist in their music class, these teachers are on their feet all dang day. They can slip these comfy slides on at home or in their classroom with thick tube socks like the cool kids. Who are we to judge?

Buy it: Pillowy slide sandals on Amazon

6. Docking station

Docking station as a music teacher gift

Where to put all your things when you’re a music teacher (or anyone else)? This docking station is a great way to keep stuff organized. Plus, you can personalize it!

Buy it: Docking station at Etsy

7. Herbal tea sampler

Best Gifts for Music Teachers: pyramid tea

I’m more of a coffee drinker, but this brand is so delicious I can’t help myself. Paired with a bottle of local honey, this is the perfect gift for a choir teacher or any yell-across-the-music-room teacher. (Also the brand name is Forte—how cute!)

Buy it: Pyramid Tea Sampler on Amazon

8. Grether’s Pastilles

Grether's pastilles

These pastilles are great for a choir teacher who is either singing or talking loud enough for a large group of singers to hear them all day. Delicious, soothing, and comes in a cute little tin? Check, check, check.

Buy it: Grether’s on Amazon

9. “Concert Tomorrow” T-shirt


Every music teacher knows you can never have too many concert reminders. (Every music teacher also knows that no matter how many reminders, you will still have two to five students who “forgot” about this major grade.) This bold shirt is bound to be a wardrobe staple that students will talk about years later.

Buy it: Concert Tomorrow T-shirt on Etsy

10. Heated scarf

Heated scarf

Whether used for utility for a marching band director in cool weather or stress relief for any music teacher year-round, this heated scarf is sure to become a favorite (and looks way more chic than a bulky heating pad).

Buy it: Heated scarf on Amazon

11. Foot massager

Foot massager

Ten hours (more on concert days) per day on their feet. Need I say more?

Buy it: Foot massager on Amazon

12. Mini wooden piano puzzle

wooden piano puzzle

We love this sweet little puzzle as an accompaniment for a gift card or handwritten note.

Buy it: Piano puzzle on Etsy

13. LEGO jazz quartet

LEGO jazz quartet, as an example of music teacher gifts

Pretty sure people who are band directors and people who love LEGO intersect in a Venn diagram. How fun is this jazz quartet for a band director?

Buy it: LEGO jazz quartet on Amazon

14. Rolling Stone crewneck sweatshirt

Rolling Stone sweatshirt
Rolling Stone

A great purchase for your too-cool, totally metal music teacher.

Buy it: Rolling Stone sweatshirt at Rolling Stone

15. Letterfolk removable tile doormat

Letterfolk doormat

With removable black, white, and colored tiles to customize to their liking, this doormat can be used to create music notes, staffs, symbols, or a design all their own.

Buy it: Doormat at Letterfolk

16. Music pasta

Music pasta, as an example of music teacher gifts

Take your pick of Italian musical terms to pair with this pasta in a punny card or note. Perfect with a jar of local marinara from a farmers market or gift it a cappella!

Buy it: Music pasta on Amazon

17. Handwritten music note wrapping paper


Honestly, one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten as a teacher was really cute wrapping paper paired with string, gift cards, scissors, and tape so our holiday wrapping supplies were taken care of and ready to go. In the same vein, one of the best music teacher gifts is this music-note wrapping paper, which can be used for birthday, holiday, or anytime wrapping!

Buy it: Wrapping paper on Zazzle

18. Vegan leather music notebooks

Music journal, as an example of music teacher gifts

These gorgeous music notebooks can be used for dreaming up songs, notes for planning, grocery lists, or anything, really.

Buy it: Notebook on Amazon

19. Water bottle with three tops

Insulated water bottle

Sometimes people (including music teachers) have a strong water-bottle-top preference. Give them the gift of versatility with this insulated water bottle that’ll keep their drink cold for hours.

Buy it: Water bottle on Amazon

20. Music teacher T-shirts

It's a Good Day to Make Music Shirt
Minimalist piano shirt, as an example of music teacher gifts

How fun are these? Perfect to pair with jeans, this will let your favorite music teacher celebrate their content area at school or on a day off.

Buy it: It’s a Good Day To Make Music T-shirt on Etsy | Minimalist piano shirt on Etsy

21. Headphones (group gift)

Noise cancelling headphones

Do music teachers need the noise-cancelling feature to pick up nuances in recordings or to tune out their students? We’ll never know.

Buy it: Beats Wireless Headphones on Amazon

22. A tasteful music art print

Music art print, as an example of music teacher gifts

Giving art as a gift can be a risky move, but these tasteful art prints from Society6 are fun, stylish, and can be purchased in a variety of sizes. If this one’s not your jam, try their assortment of other music prints.

Buy it: Music art print at Society6

23. Umbrella

bubble umbrella

Whether walking to their car or stomping around on a rainy football field, this umbrella will keep your favorite music teacher dry.

Buy it: Clear bubble umbrella on Amazon

24. Custom baton

Best Gifts for Music Teachers: custom baton
Newland Batons

I genuinely went down a rabbit hole here with these beautiful custom-made batons. If you’re shopping for a band or symphony director, you can choose from a variety of handle shapes, materials, and shaft types. Pretty sure this is the closest we can get to an Ollivander’s Wand Shop.

Buy it: Batons at Newland Batons

25. Durable tote bag

Tote bag

Not all tote bags are created equal, and I love that my favorite got the New York Times’ seal of approval too. This is a great size for reeds, picks, metronomes, replacement strings, digital tuners, pencils, and other small things music teachers tend to get loaded down with.

Buy it: Tote bag at Amazon

26. Music paper clips

Paper clips in the shape of a treble clef as a music teacher gift

I love this box of colorful paper clips in the shape of a treble clef. Definitely one of the best music teacher gifts for organizing all those sheets of music!

Buy it: Music paper clips at Amazon

27. Music note bracelet

Sterling silver music note bracelet as a music teacher gift

Jewelry can be a little hit-or-miss, but this sterling silver piece is a stunner. Bonus: It’s a bangle that can be adjusted to fit most wrists.

Buy it: Music note bracelet at Etsy

28. Guitar spoon

Guitar-shaped spoon on a cup of coffee

For the guitar-playing music teacher, this guitar-shaped spoon is too cute. It’s thick, sturdy, and is just what you want to stir your morning coffee with.

Buy it: Guitar spoon at Etsy

29. Music page holder

Personalized music page holder as a music teacher gift

It’s not easy to keep your page, accompany your students, and keep them on task. Make it easier for the music teacher in your life with a personalized music page holder.

Buy it: Music page holder at Etsy

30. Funny socks


Are they cheesy? Yes. But they’re also whimsical, and what music teacher doesn’t like a little whimsy (and, if we’re being honest, some colorful socks)?

Buy it: Funny socks at Amazon

When shopping for music teachers, meaningful is key. Hope you found something here that measures up!

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These music teacher gifts will fit any budget and will delight everyone from high school band directors to elementary music teachers.