We know how much thought and preparation goes into setting up your music classroom in ways that help share the magic of music with your students. However, finding high-quality and affordable music education products to outfit and organize your space can be tricky. That’s why we put together this list of everything from basic equipment, like music stands and chairs, to fun finds like classroom tech equipment that mimics the sound of performing in an arena, a cathedral, a school auditorium, and more. With this handy checklist, you’ll find everything you need to take your lessons, practices, and performances to the next level. Plus, you’ll learn how to easily build your wish list and pay for all your new music room purchases with ESSER funding.

Acoustical Equipment

Traditional Acoustical Panels

Students sitting in chairs playing musical instruments in a classroom with traditional acoustical panels on the walls

Acoustic problems such as flutter echo, hot and dead spots, clarity, and excessive loudness can have a negative impact on rehearsal rooms. Wenger’s wall panels are designed for acoustic correction and are perfect for enhancing your existing space or when building a brand-new rehearsal room.

How to use it: Try before you buy! Wenger can provide a simulation of the reverberation of a rehearsal room, so you can “hear” the recommended acoustical effect before you purchase.

VAE Rehearsal System

Wenger VAE Rehearsal System, as an example of music education products

The VAE Rehearsal System is one of the music education products reshaping how students learn and directors teach. The advanced audio technology enhances acoustics in your rehearsal room. Remarkably, it can even vividly mimic the sound of performing in nine different environments, including an arena, a cathedral, or even your own school’s auditorium.

How to use it: With the push of a button, you can record rehearsals and get immediate feedback, upload accompaniments to practice with the rest of the group, and so much more.

Instrument Storage

UltraStor Storage Cabinets

high school students taking musical instruments out of Wenger UltraStor Storage Cabinets

The UltraStor cabinets look great and are designed for proper ventilation and the specific heights and other features of musical instruments.

How to use it: Store, secure, and protect your instruments while avoiding traffic jams.


High school student taking cello out of Acousticabinets

Need a functional, durable instrument storage solution? AcoustiCabinets’ grille doors and acoustically absorptive material not only reduce the loss of cubic volume in your space but also provide sound absorption while eliminating flutter echo.

How to use it: This instrument storage option will quickly become an integral part of your room’s acoustical treatment.

Acoustical Shells

Legacy Classic Acoustical Shell

Conductor directing student choir in high school gymnasium with acoustical shell

This mid-sized, portable acoustical shell brings the impressive sound of a performance venue into your music classroom. Seamlessly transition from individual towers nestled safely in a storage area to a full shell behind your performers in minutes. Need a more economical option? Try the Legacy Basic Acoustical Shell!

How to use it: Portable design transforms almost any space into a performance venue with a simple one-person setup.

Travelmaster Acoustical Shell

High school singers standing on risers in front of Wenger Travelmaster Acoustical Shell

Poor acoustic venues can ruin even your finest performances. Lightweight, compact and portable, the Travelmaster acoustical shell sets up easily and provides excellent sound reflection to help your musicians hear better, delivering perfect tone, timing, and balance in your music room.

How to use it: Provide consistent acoustics on tour or performing at your own facility.

Choral Risers

Signature Choral Risers

School auditorium with teacher playing grand piano and five singing high school students students standing on Wenger Signature Choral Risers

Durable, lightweight, and easy to set up, these choral risers feature classic black styling, superb stability, and quiet performance. The integrated back rail with a safety crossbar provides security and peace of mind.

How to use it: Choral risers easily roll from rehearsal space to performance space.

Tourmaster Riser

Easily navigate around tight corners, parking lots, and vehicles with these lightweight, high-quality choral risers. They fold, roll, travel, and set up so smoothly and are built to last a long, long time. That’s why they’re the #1 choral riser in the world!

How to use it: These traveling choral risers are durable and easy to move when you’re performing on the go!

Staging Systems

StageTek Staging

StageTek Staging Platform set up in high school gym

This portable stage and riser system is versatile, strong, and quick to set up. The simple plug-in legs make it easy to choose from hundreds of configurations. Your students will also feel secure on this stage that has one of the highest load ratings of similar music education products.

How to use it: This system is perfect for music educators who need multiple stage setups for different performance events.

StageTek Roll-a-Deck Kit

Stage with band equipment on StageTek Staging Platform

Transform your StageTek platforms into highly mobile, but stable, rolling platforms. This simple kit includes four legs with locking casters and a connection bracket for those moments when you need an elevated production platform or the perfect drum riser.

How to use it: Be sure to follow the safety guidelines for locking and securing the wheels in place. Guardrails are recommended for elevations over 16″ (404 mm).

Music Chairs and Stands

Nota Chair

Young students seating in black Nota chairs while playing instruments in a classroom

The Nota chair encourages proper alignment in a variety of seated positions which lets your musicians focus on their technique. The rounded design also helps protect valuable instruments from scratches. This chair pairs well with the Nota folding tablet arm as well as the book and music storage rack.

How to use it: The Standard model is for all music spaces, including practice and rehearsal rooms and performance areas. The Premier edition features high-quality padding and upholstery for extra comfort.

Student Chair

Middle school students seated on student chairs and playing instruments in music classroom

This posture chair is perfect for student musicians. The design mimics their standing posture while in a seated position. Additionally, it provides proper support for increased comfort, which helps promote a more natural performance. The smooth flowing form even protects tuba ends from scratches and dents.

How to use it: This versatile student chair comes in a variety of heights and finishes. It’s ideal for every music program and environment, including practice and rehearsal rooms and performance areas.

Bravo Music Stand

Classroom of students with music education products like instruments, chairs and music stands, seated in classroom with Bravo music stands in front of them

Want a better music stand? Look no further! The Bravo is a durable, functional, and attractive investment. With a large lip and built-in accessory shelf, the heavy-duty base and lightweight desk make this music stand very stable. Plus, the polycarbonate material will stay looking fresh and professional for years.

How to use it: This premier music stand is a great option for concerts and rehearsals.

Classic 50 Music Stand

Elementary students playing looking at sheet music held on Classic 50 music stands as they play instruments

Lightweight, yet durable, this all-purpose music stand delivers traditional elegance without all the traditional headaches. The polycarbonate desk and base are much quieter than aluminum or steel—and it won’t scratch or dent!

How to use it: This stand is great for lessons, rehearsals, and more.

Elementary Classroom


GrayElementary students sitting on Flipforms and playing musical instruments

The flipFORMS risers have easy-moving recessed wheels, pocket-molded handgrips, and lightweight design, which makes them simple to flip or roll away.

How to use it: Ideal for elementary classroom or theaters, this multi-position platform system can be arranged in any shape.


Music teacher in classroom standing behind TeacherTAXI Cartfilled with music education products

This mobile classroom teaching and storage cart has it all. All-terrain wheels make it easy to maneuver and navigate, even when fully loaded with all your teaching tools.

How to use it: Transport your teaching essentials from room to room, floor to floor, even building to building.

Conductor’s Equipment

Conductor’s System

Woman conductor seated on Conductor's System and directing students in classroom

Designed just for conductors, this system includes a durable podium, Conductor’s Chair, and Flex Conductor’s Stand that fits perfectly in a rehearsal room or on an auditorium stage. Also, the Folding Conductor’s Podium can be purchased separately for moments when added portability is needed.

How to use it: This system is the perfect way to conduct rehearsals and performances.

Flex Conductor’s Equipment Tech Bridge

Music teacher in classroom seated at Flex Conductor's System Tech Bridge with laptop and speaking to two young students

As the name suggests, the Flex Conductor’s Equipment Tech Bridge is a flexible conductor’s system that is configured (and reconfigured!) to the way you want to teach. This brilliant Wenger system adapts to your height, habits, and imagination. It starts with the large, sturdy conductor’s stand and puts everything from MIDI keyboards to even a drink holder at your fingertips.

How to use it: Configure this fantastically flexible conductor’s system any way you want, whenever you want!

Teaching Tools

Poster/Teaching Storage Cabinet

Music teacher taking music education products out of Poster-Teaching Storage Cabinet

An in-classroom storage cabinet is one of those music education products every teacher needs. This one features plenty of adjustable shelf space and color-coded bins to organize all of your favorite music education products. With full-length lockable doors and leveling pads on the base, this storage cabinet keeps everything safe and tidy.

How to use it: This is perfect for organizing music teaching materials.

Fixed Media Cabinet

Teacher standing in storage room filled with Fixed Media Storage cabinets

Wenger’s fixed media cabinets are customizable so that you can configure your media storage to meet your unique needs. Choose from three types—Standard, Rackmount, and Organizer—then add shelves, drawers, and other accessories!

How to use it: Ideal for facilities that need secure, organized media and audio/visual equipment storage.

Theater Products

Backstage Make-up Station

Teen girl theater student putting on makeup backstage using the Backstage Make-up Station

This professional, lighted makeup station is durable, functional, and perfect for backstage! Protect your investment by covering it with the Backstage Make-up Station Dust Cover when not in use (allow lightbulbs to fully cool first).

How to use it: Easily convert flat, stable surfaces into a bright, backstage makeup station with this portable unit.

Rack ‘n Roll Garment Cart

Students rolling a Wenger Rack 'n Roll Garment Cart with band uniforms through school hallway

Need garment storage on the go? This heavy-duty rolling rack will keep your robes, uniforms, costumes, and concert wear in pristine condition during rehearsals or performances for a quick change. The efficient design can easily roll through standard doorways or elevators.

How to use it: An ideal way to move bulky costumes, robes, and concert wear.

Build your music room wish list

Want to add some of these amazing products to your music room? There’s a cool tool that lets you build your wish list. Plus, be sure to check out the tips and advice on how music educators can use ESSER funds for equipment purchases to make sure your music program gets its fair share of federal stimulus funding.



Ultimate Music Classroom Checklist: Take Your Lessons to the Next Level