20 Best Multiplication Songs To Help Kids Practice Math Facts

Catchy and educational!

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When it comes to learning multiplication tables, it’s all about practice, practice, practice. These multiplication songs mix things up a bit, making that practice a whole lot more enjoyable for kids. Singing is one of the best ways to learn!

Skip Counting Times Table Songs

These short songs are really just a catchy way to learn skip counting, but they’ll help kids get a real head start on understanding and memorizing multiplication facts.

Times Table Song

We love this song because it actually explains HOW to use a times table chart. Then it gives kids some practice with the chart.

Multiplication Mash-Up

Looking for a song for each number, 1 to 10? These skip-counting tunes make memorizing math facts easier.

Mr. DeMaio’s Multiplication Songs

This incredible math teacher has a song for each number, set to popular hits kids will already know. Find his entire multiplication songs playlist here.

The Multiplying Multiplication Song


This one is simple. It’s just the math facts for multiplying by 2, 3, 4, and 5. But it’s one more way to get some practice.

Meet the Math Facts

The repetitive tune on this one is nothing special, but the cute animations bring the facts to life. This video is worth it for those alone.

Times Table Song (We Don’t Talk About Bruno)

We’re betting your kids already know this melody, but this version gives it a math twist!

The Properties of Multiplication

Ready for more advanced math? This song covers commutative, associative, and other properties that kids need to know.

The 2 Times Table Song

From the folks who brought you Baby Shark, this sweet little video is terrific for early learners tackling their twos.

You’ve Got a Friend in Three

More love for Disney movies! This familiar melody is surprisingly perfect for learning your threes.

Multiply by 4

Jack Hartmann has plenty of math songs, including this little ditty about multiplying by four.

Multiply by 5

They end with 0 or they end with 5. It’s that simple when you’re multiplying by fives!

6 Times Table Song

Any time you can set learning to songs kids know and love, it makes things a lot more fun. This one includes a section where kids have to fill in their own correct answers too.

7 Times Table Song

Here’s another pop song cover, this time for learning the seven times table.

Twinkl 8 Times Table Song

The oldies-rock feel of this one is fun for teachers and kids alike when you’re learning your eights.

9 Times Table Trick

Nines can be awfully difficult, until you learn the amazing finger trick!

Multiplying by 10

Multiplying by ten is one of the easiest skills, and this laid-back song gives kids the tip they need: Just add zero to the end.

11 Times Trick

The 11 times table is easy up to 9, but what do you do then? This song has the answer!

12 Times Table Song

One last hit song cover, this one to help students learn their 12s.

Animaniacs Multiplication Song

Have a giggle with the Animaniacs, and sing the wildly popular Multiplication Song. OK, it might not make things much easier, but it will make kids smile!

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These multiplication songs give kids a fun way to practice math facts. Get ready to sing along and learn while having lots of fun!