7 Lessons Teachers Can Learn from Ms. Frizzle

Pick up a few pointers from one of our favorite teachers!

Ms. Frizzle Lessons for the Classroom

I love Ms. Frizzle. From the moment I saw her wink at me from my son’s bedtime story, I knew she was the teacher I wanted to be. Who knew I’d find a professional mentor inside a series designed for kindergartners? Here are all the great lessons as a teacher that I’ve picked up from Ms. Frizzle.

1. Ms. Frizzle always puts students first.

Let’s start with the way the Friz prioritizes her students’ interests. She always has her classroom set up for some fascinating deep dive into learning, but when a student raises an important question, she’s ready for a fresh voyage of discovery. “To the bus!” she cries, heading off with the class to discover how volcanoes are made, what would happen in a battle between superheroes made of ice and rock, or how animals and plants survive in the desert.


2. Ms. Frizzle knows technology.

Is there any doubt Ms. Frizzle would fully embrace the newest and best for her classroom every time? The dashboard of her Magic School Bus is forever ready and waiting to create the supreme experience for her students, whether it’s by shrinking the bus, giving it the ability to dive under oceans, or fly into the sky.


3. Ms. Frizzle’s got style, and she’s not afraid to show it.


It’s impossible to ignore Ms. Frizzle’s hilarious themed outfits. You better believe she’d participate in every spirit day, dress up in the best grade-level Halloween costumes, and pick out t-shirts and canvas bags sharing any and every motto and tag line of her discipline. Her dresses are always covered in illustrations of whatever her students are learning, and the kids definitely notice the way her enthusiasm even extends to her own wardrobe. There’s something great about embracing who you are, and this is something I strive to do every day.


4. Ms. Frizzle won’t solve it for them.

When a learning crisis arrives, Ms. Frizzle refuses to rescue her students. She’ll take them the extra mile in her bus, ask them a helpful question, or direct them to a great resource. But she’ll never step in and solve their problems for them. Though she  knows what she wants them to learn, she’s for the experience all the way.


5. Ms. Frizzle rocks classroom decor.

Ms. Frizzle’s classroom environment just might cause Pinterest to explode with envy. Whatever she’s teaching, it is displayed everywhere students look, and every display is interactive. Clearly, Ms. Frizzle does not get much sleep, she’s too busy redecorating her classroom every two weeks. But boy does it look great!


6. Ms. Frizzle is happy to collaborate.

Ms. Frizzle does not mind a little help. She’s got her buddy Liz, a small and friendly lizard always at the ready. Plus, she constantly enables student leaders to explore new angles on problems and suggest the class’s next moves. Though she is obviously the engine behind the world of the Magic School Bus, she shares the spotlight and the glory.


7. Ms. Frizzle walks the walk.

Of all the things I love about Ms. Frizzle, perhaps my greatest takeaway comes from her willingness to be utterly herself. Though her students sometimes get grumpy mid-adventure, question her fashion sense, or wonder why they can’t just have a normal teacher, she sails ever onwards, leading them to new heights of learning with her usual confident smile. She knows who she is, she knows how to teach, and nothing makes her doubt herself.

What are your favorite Ms. Frizzle lessons? Please share in the comments. We’d love to add to this list.