Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Here are eight great ways for your students to celebrate their mom, grandma, or other significant mother-figures in their lives, from blogger Erin Bittman and her blog E is for Explore. Click here for more Mother’s Day crafts for kids.

1. Descriptive Blooming Flower

Mom flower card

Students come up with eight adjectives that describe their mom, write the words on the flower petals, color their flowers, and cut them out. Then, they color the smaller flowers, cut those out, glue the centers on top of their larger flowers, and bend the petals upward. Add a stem (a pipe cleaner, popsicle stick, etc.). Mom lifts up the petals to read the special words that describe her. Click here for the printable.

2. Mom Snapshot

Mother's Day Crafts for Kids

Kids say the darndest things! Have your students answer questions about their moms and draw (or insert) an image of her in the mommy snapshot frame. Click here for the printable.

3. WOW-MOM Card

wow- mom card

Integrate math while having your students construct cards for their moms. This project teaches children about the line of symmetry and some basic transformations! Click here for a free printable that includes three variations of the WOW-MOM card (example printed on colored cardstock)!

4. Blooms Recycled Paper

blooms recycled card

This Mother’s Day gift idea integrates science and art. Students create a special gift that grows by making paper and adding seeds to the solution. When the paper dries, moms can plant their paper and watch their seeds grow.

The process is fairly simple and requires only a few ingredients: newspaper strips, hot water, starch, and flower seeds. (Marigolds work well.) You’ll also need a piece of non-rusting screen. Click here for simple step-by-step directions. (Be sure to add the flower seeds between steps 2 and 3.)

Once your paper has dried, cut it into squares and have the students write special messages to their moms! Tell moms to plant their seed paper in a cup, pot, or in their backyard soil.

5. KWL on Mom

What I know, what I wonder, what did I learn

Have students create KWL (know, wonder, learn) charts on their moms and come up with their own unique gift ideas that they can make in class.

6. Mom Fact or Opinion Game.

Mom fact or opinion game.

First download this inexpensive Fact or Opinion: You Decide! learning game. Then use the game cards to teach your students the fine art of discriminating between fact and opinion. Categories range from music and sports to geography and more. After your students have played a few times and understand the concept, lead them in creating their own version to surprise mom with!

7. Recycled Bouquet

Recycled bouquet

This clever lesson can work double duty as your students upcycle trash into beautiful flowers. Originally written as an Earth Day activity (April 22nd), your students can create their bouquets then and hold onto their creations to present to their mom on Mother’s Day (May 13th).

8. 3-D Sculpture

mother's day 3d sculpture

Using construction paper (maybe Mom’s favorite colors), students cut strips of different lengths and widths. Then they manipulate their strips into different designs, creating a 3-D collage their moms will love! This is a great way to reinforce measuring concepts and tap into your students’ creativity.


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