15 Memes About Children’s Books That Have Us Rolling

If you know, you know.

A cow in a purple flower field with the words, "Ferdinand?"

For many of us, children’s books are at the heart of why we love our jobs. There’s nothing more magical than seeing a student fall in love with reading. But that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh at these hilarious memes about children’s books. Nailed it!

1. When you have to emotionally prepare yourself for Charlotte’s Web

Every. Single. Time.

2. When you relate a little too much to the hungry caterpillar

SOURCE: Scary Mommy

Pretty much every night for me.


3. When your week takes a rough turn


If Merlin shows up you know you’re really in trouble.

4. When an author’s real identity is revealed

It was a hedgehog all along.

5. When you can’t even

Me literally every day of 2020.

6. When you find your picture book heroes IRL

We found him!

7. When you need a spoiler alert

There was never going to be enough room!

8. When you realize what a story is really about


9. When you’re just waiting for this guy to appear

Seriously, where is he?

10. When the tree gets fed up

Because the tree is tired of giving.

11. When you’re tired of hearing the same question over and over again

SOURCE: Andertoons

Teacher life, for sure.

12. When a lovable dog shows up

Watch out. Things probably won’t end well. 

13. When you can’t resist a good pun

We’re all hobbits during quarantine.

14. When you know who the real hero is

Hermione forever.

15. When the book is better than the movie

When isn’t this the case?

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15 Memes About Children's Books That Have Us Rolling