25 Best Resources for Free Math Videos for Kids and Teens

Songs, tips and tricks, explainer videos, and more!

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Whether you want to encourage wee ones to learn their numbers or help teenagers with tricky trig, these free math videos for kids have something for all ages! (As always, be sure to preview videos to make sure they’re appropriate for your viewing audience.)

YouTube Math Videos for Kids

It’s no surprise that YouTube is full of free math videos for kids. Here are some of our favorite channels to try.


The popular show has tons of content on its YouTube channel, perfect for the pre-K crowd.

Homeschool Pop

Homeschool Pop has videos on a wide range of subjects, including math. They have curated playlists by grade level, making it easier to find topics that are relevant for your students.

Kids Academy

Find lots of good options for early math learners on this channel. The focus is on preschool through third grade, with fun animations that appeal to this age group.

Math & Learning Videos 4 Kids


These aren’t the most exciting math videos for kids, but they’re great for reviewing at home or reinforcing concepts. Check out the graded playlists to find the topics you need.

Preschool Prep Company

These are older videos, but they hold up pretty well. And they’re not just for preschool—they’re great for any kid who needs to master their math facts.

Scratch Garden

Scratch Garden’s mini math movies are simple but cute, and the youngest math students will love the style.



Songs help kids learn, and Numberock has a whole collection of them. Plus, they have lots of videos in Spanish!

Math Mania

This channel has lots of cute videos for young math learners, with songs and lively characters to hold their interest.

Jack Hartmann

If you teach young kids, chances are you already know Jack Hartmann. His channel has lots of great counting and basic math songs.

Monster Math Squad by WildBrain

The short episodes of Monster Math Squad introduce simple math topics for little learners. There are hundreds of episodes to explore!

McCarthy Math Academy

In addition to original songs and fun math videos for kids, this channel has tutorials for parents who’ve forgotten everything they learned about elementary math!


Ted-Ed’s huge catalog of fascinating talks includes plenty on math topics. Just do a search for “math” and you’ll get tons of great options.

Khan Academy

There’s nothing flashy about Khan Academy’s videos, but they’re amazing for enrichment, reinforcement, or learning at home. Find topics for all kids, pre-K to 12.

Math Antics

You’ll find lots of videos on advanced topics here, with a focus on algebra. The straightforward, simple explanations will be really helpful for many students.


All numbers, all the time! Each of these engaging videos explores different numbers in amusing and interesting ways.

The Magic of Math

Originally created by a teacher for her students during the 2020 COVID lockdown, these videos are detailed lessons on a variety of middle school math and algebra topics.

Minute Math

You’ll find a variety of math videos on this channel, from quick tricks to brainteasers and beyond.

The Math Sorcerer

This channel is terrific or older students who need extra help with advanced math subjects like trig or calculus.

More Math Videos for Kids Resources

Here are more great places to look for educational videos that help kids learn math.

Sesame Street

They’ve been teaching kids counting and early math for decades, and they’re still one of the best! You’ll find old favorites and new hits.

Odd Squad

Agents Olive and Otto team up to solve mysteries, using math to help them crack the case. Get full episodes, short clips, and more at the link.


When three ordinary kids are transported to Cyberspace, they must use their math skills to fight the evil Hacker. Watch full episodes, play games, and more.

Math Playground

This site is a terrific source for math games, but they also offer videos for kids pre-K through 6.

Math TV

From math fundamentals to calculus, you’ll find lots of straightforward explainer videos here to help students master key skills.

Alexis Loveraz

Alexis started his TikTok channel when he was 16, explaining math to other kids using quick videos. He’s posted a huge collection of them now, including lots of looks at SAT math problems.

Ms. Rolle

Learn mental math, including tricks and hacks, from this real-life math teacher. Such fun energy!

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25 Best Resources for Free Math Videos for Kids and Teens