9 Quick and Easy Ways to Do Lunch Count

Hot or cold? You won’t have to worry about it once you put one of these systems in place.

Collage of easy classroom lunch count ideas

What’s the best way to do lunch count in the classroom? Our motto is quick, easy, done. Bonus if your system also does double duty for attendance. Check out some of our favorite lunch count ideas below.

1. Use your desk.

Teacher desk, green water bottle and laptop sharing lunch count ideas

Take advantage of otherwise empty desk space by turning it into an attendance/lunch count spot. Put student numbers on magnets and they can move them when they arrive for the day.

Source: @primarycoffee18

2. Go digital.

Teacher black laptop doing digital lunch count in classroom

When you use your whiteboard, students can drag their names to the appropriate column.

Source: @thekindnessclassroom

3. Try craft sticks …


Blue and pink magnetic cups and markers in the classroom for lunch count

This idea is made easy with magnetic cups from the Dollar Tree.

Source: @3rdgradepineapples

4. … or clothespins.

Clothespins with blue and green papers in the classroom for lunch count

I don’t know what’s in a bagel bag, but I want one.

Source: @stickwithkindness

5. Use a pocket chart.

Classroom blue pocket chart hanging on wall for lunch count

Color-coded pieces of paper make it easy to see who’s doing lunch, breakfast, and milk.

Source: @teacherrifick_abc123

6. Go with Velcro.

This teacher has students use colorful tokens to indicate their lunch choice.

7. Fill a bucket.
Multicolored buckets hanging on wall on white hooks with lunch options

SOURCE: Unknown

You can often find colorful pails like this in the Target dollar section.

8. Turn it into a math lesson.
White board hanging on wall with blue squares to tally lunch count

SOURCE: Unknown

We love how this teacher uses lunch count as an opportunity to talk graphing.

9. Save your fro-yo spoons

Recycling at its cutest!

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9 Quick and Easy Ways to Do Lunch Count