20 Activities to Support Letter Naming Fluency

Super fun ways to practice, practice, practice!

Collage of Letter Naming Fluency Activities

We usually start teaching the alphabet by singing the ABCs song. Once kids have that down pat, it’s time for the next step—recognizing the letters in print. This skill is called letter naming fluency, and it’s a key step for pre-readers. Mostly, it just takes a lot of practice. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to make that practice fun, like these letter naming fluency activities. Easy as ABC!

1. Start with name letters

Student putting paper slips with the letters of their name into an envelope (Letter Naming Fluency)

We often start teaching letter naming fluency with the letters of students’ names. That makes those letters meaningful to kids, and they’re more eager to learn. Try a simple activity like selecting the letters of their name and placing them into an envelope.

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2. Point, say, and learn

Paper strip with letters printed on it, with colorful stick pointing at one letter. Text reads Letter Strip Learning.

This is one of the simplest letter naming activities. Simply type or write the letters you want students to practice, then cut the paper into strips. Have the student point to each (they can use their finger or a colorful pointing stick) and say the letter. If you like, they can also say the sound that letter makes.

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3. Roll and name


Printable letter naming worksheet with rows of letters

Grab this free printable at the link. Then have your student roll a die and read the letters in that row. (This one sneaks in a little counting practice too!)

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4. Clip the letters

Colorful paper circles with the letters written around the edges, covered in clothespins

Use this tip with letter strips or make colorful letter circles like these. You can write the letters on the clothespins and ask kids to match them up. (This is especially useful for matching capital and lowercase letters.) Or, simply use plain clothespins and ask kids to clip each letter as you call it out.

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5. Play a game of Bang!

Student pulling a colorful wood craft stick from a pail. Other sticks on the table are labeled with letters.

Grab a pack of wood craft sticks from the dollar store and use them to make your own Bang! game. Players take turns pulling a stick from the container and reading out the letter. If they get it right, they add it to their pile, but if they’re wrong, it goes back into the container. If they pull the “Bang!” stick, they have to put all their letters back!

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6. Pull and Say

Student moving a digital letter on a tablet

Try this with alphabet beads or a digital alphabet board. Have students pull each letter down, saying the name as they do. Then, as they slide it back up, they say the sound the letter makes.

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7. Park letter cars

Toy cars labeled with letters of the alphabet, parked in lettered parking spots

This is so fun for active learners! Label toy cars with letters and have kids drive them into parking spaces, saying the letter names (and sounds, if you like) as they go!

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8. Pull letters from a sensory bin

Plastic bin full of colored rice and magnetic alphabet letters (Letter Naming Fluency)

Fill a plastic bin with colored rice and magnetic alphabet letters. Then give kids a magnet wand and have them pull out the letters one by one, naming them as they go.

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9. Swat the letters

Child using a flyswatter to swat a letter on a page

Kids love getting to play with flyswatters! This one’s easy to set up, too. Just trace circles onto a large piece of paper and write a letter in each. Have kids swat the letter and say the name or call out a letter and have students swat it, repeating as they do.

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10. Enjoy a bowl of alphabet beads soup

Mix up a bowl of alphabet bead soup! Label spoons with letters and have kids dig out the match. You can mix the letter beads with plain beads for more of a challenge.

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11. Seek and find letters

Child looking around a room to find letters taped to the wall

This one’s so fun! Tape letters around the room and send kids off to find them as you call them out. Then have them say the sound that letter makes.

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12. Send letters down a zip-line

Notecard with a letter on it sliding down a homemade zipline (Letter Naming Fluency)

Kids are going to get a real kick out of the letter zip-line. Make your cards by attaching an unbent paperclip to the back. Then send them flying down the line to students, who name each letter as it arrives!

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13. Whack balloon letters

Toddler swatting balloons labeled with letters using a tennis racket

Balloons make everything more fun! Hang balloons labeled with letters from the ceiling. Then have students swat them with a racket, saying each letter as they do.

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14. Match up apple letters

Paper apple baskets and apples, labeled with letter

Grab this free printable game at the link. Kids will enjoy matching upper and lowercase letters, placing the apples in the right baskets.

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15. Stamp letters in Play-Doh

Letters stamped into blue Play-Doh on a striped background (Letter Naming Fluency)

Invest in a set of alphabet stamps, and you can use them for letter naming fluency activities and beyond. Kids stamp the letter and say it. When the Play-Doh is full, roll it out and start again.

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16. Match upper and lower case letters

Matching upper and lowercase letters is an important part of letter naming fluency. All you need for this activity is an egg carton and some alphabet beads.

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17. Splash out with some water play

Float alphabet beads in a bin of water, then practice scooping them up and saying their names. Take this one outside on a warm day!

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18. Give Chicka Chicka Boom Boom a new twist

Alphabet Beads Activities

“A told B and B told C, ‘I’ll BEAD you to the top of the coconut tree!'” This is one of the best books for building letter naming fluency. Craft a tree from pipe cleaners, then read the story and have kids add the letter beads along the way.

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19. Try letter flashcards

A set of printable letter flashcards (Letter Naming Fluency)

Flashcards are a classroom staple for a reason—they work. See how many students can do successfully in 30 seconds, play a matching game, or try any of your other favorite flashcard games. Get lots of free printable letter flashcards at the link.

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20. Put together letter puzzles

Student matching upper and lowercase C printable puzzle pieces (Letter Naming Fluency)

Get the free printable puzzle at the link, then have kids match the upper and lower case letters as they say their names out loud.

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