Practicing CVC Words? Get This Free Wheel of Phonemes Bulletin Board Kit

So cute, so useful.

Wheel of Phonemes bulletin board behind a teacher desk

Learning to read consonant-vowel-consonant words is such an important building block for our emerging readers! So to help you out, we created this bulletin board along with our friends at Vista Higher Learning. However you choose to use it, it’s going to provide some excellent practice for students in changing the initial sounds on common word endings. We give you… Wheel of Phonemes!

How To Set Up This Bulletin Board Kit:

Three phoneme wheels for -ap, -et, and -ip on a yellow background

1. Print bulletin board cards: Wheel of Phonemes title, word ending tabs, initial sound wheels

No color printer? No problem. Simply print in black and white. You could even use colored paper!

2. Cut out bulletin board cards.

3. Laminate bulletin board cards (they’re going to be touched by little hands!).


4. Staple or glue the title and as many word ending tabs as you want (remember: you can always change them out!). Use a brad to
attach the top wheels so they spin.

Ways To Use This Bulletin Board:

Chart with word endings and corresponding words

1. Whole group instruction: Introduce new word endings to the whole class!

2. Small group instruction: Use as an intervention for students who need more practice and reinforcement with decoding.

3. Literacy station: Encourage students to practice switching out the initial phonemes using common word endings. They can read the words they create to a partner!

Yes! I Want My Free Bulletin Board Kit