22 Kindergarten Anchor Charts You’ll Want to Re-Create

Simple and colorful lessons to share with your kindergarten students.

Kindergarden anchor charts

We love these kindergarten anchor charts for covering topics like friendship, shapes, counting, letters and beginning writing. What are your favorite kindergarten anchor charts to use in the classroom?

1. What Is a Friend?

Kindergartners are just learning their place in the social scene. Display the qualities of a good friend with this chart based on the book The Little White Owl by Tracey Corderoy. Read the book together, and talk about how they can be a friend to their classmates.

What is a Friend

Source: First Grade Blue Skies 


2. Parts of a Book

Reading books is a daily activity in kindergarten, but do they know where to find each part of the book? This anchor chart shows them all the different parts, using Pete the Cat as the example:


Parts of a Book

Source: A Place Called Kindergarten


3. 2- and 3-Dimensions

Teaching 2-D and 3-D shapes is so fun for kids. Teach them to see examples in actual objects, then make this anchor chart so they can remember.

2D and 3D Anchor Chart

Source: Growing Kinders


4. Coloring 101

Sometimes kindergartners just want to hurry through a coloring project to move on to the next thing. Encourage them to take their time and color a pretty picture instead of a rushed one.

Coloring Anchor Chart

Source: Crazy Life in Kinders


5. Letters, Words and Sentences

Beginning writers need to identify first the letter, then the word, then putting the words together to form a sentence. Kids will love adding their letters and words to the chart.

Letters and Words

Source: Kindergarten Chaos


6. Beginning to Write

The first step in finding out how to spell and write is sounding out the word and finding the right letters. This is another fun one to do together to allows kids to see how words are formed.

Good Writers

Source: Teaching With Style


7. Fiction or Nonfiction

Show kids the parts of a nonfiction book that might be different from a fiction book with this handy chart.

Fiction or Nonfiction

Source: Mrs. Wills Kindergarten


8. Tally-Mark Poem

This is a fun little poem that reminds kids how to make tally marks.

Tally Marks

From: Teky Teach


9. Counting Strategies

Kindergartners love to count as high as they can. This anchor chart lists and visualizes the different ways they can count.

Counting Strategies

Source: Mrs. Wills’ Kindergarten


10. Number Recognition

When you’re working on a new number together, this will help students really see how the number looks in various ways.

Number Recognition

Source: Kindergarten Chaos


11. Money Chart

Help kids remember the difference between coins with this handy chart. (It was created for first grade but works great for kindergarten too.) Also click on the link for some rhymes that make it easy to remember the value of each coin.

MOney Chart

Source: A Day in First Grade


12. Restroom Rules

Some of the most important skills kindergartners learn are life skills such as taking care of bathroom needs. Often the restroom is mistaken for a play place. This great chart is a reminder of how to behave in the bathroom.

Restroom Rules

Source: Unknown


13. What Begins With …?

Introducing a new letter sound is fun when you get the kids involved in brainstorming words that begin with that letter.

What Begins with P

Source: A Cupcake for the Teacher


14. Less and More

Anything with an alligator is usually good with kinders. This fun anchor chart shows how to use signs for less-than or more-than numbers.

Comparing Numbers

Source: Krafty in K


15. Measuring Height

This is not standard anchor chart size, but your students will love it. When introducing height and measurement, ask kids to come up to this chart and measure their height using yarn.

How Tall Am I

Source: Going Back to Kinder


16. Morning Duties

From the start of the day, kids do much better when they know what they are expected to do. This chart shows exactly what this teacher wants each kid to do when they come into the classroom.

Morning Duties

Source: Mrs. Wills 


17. Sight-Word Sing-Along

This is a fun idea for teaching teach sight words. Change up the word as needed and it can help students remember how to recognize and spell the word.

Sight Words

Source: Unknown


18. When Is It OK to Interrupt?

We love these friendly reminders on when it is okay to interrupt. This can be such a tough topic for kids to grasp. Have them get involved in coming up with reasons.


Source: Mrs. Beattie’s Classroom


19. Writing Topics

Sometimes kiddos have a hard time picking a topic to write or draw. This anchor chart is a brainstorm session on what kids come up with to write about.

Writing Topics

Source: Deanna Jump


20. Punctuation

This is a great chart to create and leave up for remembering how to use punctuation.


Source: Kindergarten Chaos


21. Hot and Cold Science Lesson

This idea is a fun one when introducing a weather unit or talking about the seasons.

Hot and Cold

Source: Mrs. Richardson’s Class


22. Ways to Sort

All kindergarten classrooms practice sorting, and this anchor chart is a great visual of different ways to sort and organize.

Sorting Anchor Chart

Source: Kindergarten Chaos


23. Encourage More Reading

This anchor chart is simple, but it’s a great way to encourage your students to do more reading.

Reading Stamina

Source: Mrs. Jones’s Kindergarten


24. Drawing People

Kindergartens will work on their people-drawing skills all year, so this anchor chart is a good reminder of the basics.

How to Draw People

Source: Kindergarten, Kindergarten


25. Classroom Constitution

Every classroom should come up with a list of Classroom Rules or a “Constitution” like this one, in which every student must “sign” with their handprint. These are a few examples that would be perfect for a kindergarten room.

Classroom Constitution

Source: Teach with Me