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Teach kids empathy with Kind News magazine! Kind News is an animal-themed magazine with interactive games and puzzles to help students connect with people and animals and build stronger, more empathetic relationships. The magazine comes in two reading versions: Kind News (grades 3-6) and Kind News, Jr. (grades K-2). Each classroom issue includes a teacher guide with activities that meet Common Core and Next Generation Science standards and are aligned with CASEL Core Competencies. 

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One teacher from Michigan says, “Once we got the Kind News out, we could have read and discussed it all day. The children loved reading the stories about animals that were rescued and had many opinions about animals and what could be done to help them. They especially liked to share stories and draw pictures of their own animals! Kind News made the children aware of the many challenges some animals have to survive. It also helps to meet Common Core nonfiction reading requirements.”

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