25 Fun and Educational Kiddie Pool Games

Small pool, big fun!

Examples of kiddie pool games including a pool make into a critter pit with sand and a sink or float experiment in a pool.

Kiddie pools aren’t just for swimming anymore! At around $10 at many retailers, they’re as affordable as they are versatile. There are truly so many fun and creative ways to use kiddie pools for field day, summer camp, backyard fun, and more. They make for a great base for sensory play when filled with water beads or shaving cream. Plus, they’re perfect for pretend play since kids can be pirates walking the plank or cowboys mining for gold. You can even use them to create larger-than-life art or build a garden bed. Check out our list of favorite kiddie pool games!

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Best Kiddie Pools

Before you dive into the games, pick out the perfect kiddie pool for your little ones. Here are some options:

1. Water Bead Fun

Several kids sit outside a blue kiddie pool that is filled with brightly colored water beads.

Watching water beads grow provides an opportunity for a science lesson since the polymers present are superabsorbent. Because of that superabsorbency, they are able to retain hundreds of times their weight in water without dissolving. Once they have grown to full size, filling a kiddie pool with them can provide hours of sensory fun!

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2. Tug-of-War


Playing tug-of-war over a kiddie pool is good, silly fun since whoever loses ends up going for a splash! This is a game that might best be played with an inflatable kiddie pool so no one gets hurt. If you’re really feeling crazy, you can fill the pool with something other than water—think pudding or jello! We love that tug-of-war works on kids’ strength and endurance while encouraging teamwork.

3. Fill the Bucket Relay Race

kiddie pool games like this one require people to wring sponges into buckets as shown here.

Instead of using a large bucket of water, start with sponges in a filled kiddie pool. First, players must race the sponges across to a bucket at the finishing line. Then, they need to squeeze as much water as possible into the bucket before returning it to the next player at the kiddie pool. This continues until one team finally fills their bucket and is declared the winner!

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4. Kiddie Pool Math Toss

Kiddie pool games can be educational like the one pictured. A kiddie pool has upside down frisbees in it that have been labeled with numbers.

Kiddie pool games can teach kids math while also ensuring they have a lot of fun in the process. Buy some dollar store Frisbees, flip them upside down, and then write numbers on the inside of them. Then, take some sponges and write equations or numbers on them. Place the Frisbees inside the kiddie pool so kids can take turns throwing their sponges onto the corresponding Frisbee.

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5. Kiddie Pool Garden

A garden is planted inside a blue kiddie pool.

Teaching kids to garden while also encouraging upcyling is just plain awesome. Be sure to use a hard-shelled kiddie pool and to pick herbs, vegetables, or flowers that have shallow roots.

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6. Letter Hunt

Kiddie pool games can use waterproof materials like the letters shown being held by a little boy in a blue kiddie pool.

Invest in some waterproof letters and put them in a kiddie pool filled with water. Then have kids fish out the letter of your choosing using either little nets if they’re working from outside the pool or their hands if inside the pool. This game works on letter recognition while seeming less like work and more like fun!

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7. Kiddie Pool Art

Children stand outside of a kiddie pool with a large piece of cardboard inside of it. Streaks of paint are on the cardboard.

What’s even more fun than making art? Making really, really big art! Put some tempera paint in shallow bowls, then let kids dip different-size balls into the paint. Finally, let them roll or throw the paint-covered balls across some large paper or cardboard spread across the bottom of a kiddie pool. Kids will have fun experimenting with different techniques.

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8. Fishing Game

A kiddie pool is filled with fish made from pool noodles.

This one will require some prep work, but if you are willing to get crafty, the results will definitely be worth it. We love that kids will be improving their hand-eye coordination as they fish in their lake (i.e., their kiddie pool).

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9. Walk the Plank

A long wooden board is across a kiddie pool and kids are walking across it dressed in pirate costumes.

This idea is so cute, and the pirate costumes really make it over-the-top fun. Two buckets, a kiddie pool, and a wooden board are all it takes to make your little pirates walk the plank. They’ll be role playing while also working on their balance and coordination!

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10. Dinosaur Excavation

Dinosaur skeletons and fossils are seen inside dirt.

Kids love learning about dinosaurs and they love digging in the dirt so why not combine those things? Add some dirt to a kiddie pool and then fill it with plastic dinosaurs and homemade fossils. Have kids play the part of paleontologists as they excavate the dino bones!

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11. Sink-or-Float Experiment

Kiddie pool games can include experiments like the one pictured where various items are seen either sinking or floating in a kiddie pool.

Fill a kiddie pool with water and then have kids gather items from around the house. Have them make predictions about whether or not they think those items will sink or float. Then test their hypotheses in this fun science experiment.

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12. Giant Bubbles

A child is seen standing inside a kiddie pool while a giant bubble surrounds him.

We can think of few things cooler than being trapped in a giant bubble, and we’re guessing your kids will agree! Mix up the perfect bubble solution and then fill a kiddie pool with it. Then use a Hula-Hoop to create a huge bubble around the lucky kid.

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13. Giant Bird’s Nest

Kiddie pool games can involve role playing like this one that shows a little girl sitting in a kiddie pool covered in brown packing paper. Easter grass and large Easter eggs are inside to make it look like a bird's nest.

Teach kids about birds local to their area or read some bird-themed books to them before engaging in this activity. To get started, cover a kiddie pool with brown packing paper and then fill the inside with Easter grass and oversize Easter eggs. Finally, let your little ones use their imagination as they pretend to be their favorite bird!

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14. Critter Pit

A blue kiddie pool is filled with dirt and moss and plastic critters like snakes. There are also magnifying glasses and other equipment.

First, fill a kiddie pool with dirt and moss. Then, add some plastic critters like snakes, lizards, and bugs. Finally, throw in some equipment like magnifying glasses, bug jars, and oversized plastic tweezers. Your kids may even find some real critters while they’re in there!

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15. Cozy Spot for Stargazing

Kiddie pool games don't even have to be a game. This kiddie pool is filled with blankets and pillows and kids are laying down inside stargazing.

Learning about astronomy while getting cozy in an inflatable pool? Yes, please! Gather all your softest blankets and favorite pillows for a comfortable place to lie while gazing at the stars.

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16. Epic Water Balloon Fight

A kiddie pool is filled with neon colored water balloons.

We’re not even going to pretend this one is educational, but it sure is fun. Fill a kiddie pool to the brim with water balloons and then let kids have the most epic water balloon fight imaginable.

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17. DIY Sandbox

Kiddie pool games don't have to involve water like this little girl sitting in a kiddie pool that has been filled with sand and sand toys.

We love the idea of using a kiddie pool as a sandbox since it is way more affordable than most sandboxes on the market. Sand play is great for young children since it works on fine motor skills and sparks creativity.

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18. DIY Water Table

A pink kiddie pool is sitting on top of four large plastic crates and a child plays with water toys in it.

Water tables provide hours of entertainment for kids, but they can be expensive. Elevate a kiddie pool on some plastic crates and voilà—a water table! Add some toys or even just kitchen utensils and measuring cups for some sensory play.

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19. Rainwater Collection

A pink Halloween bucket submerged in a green kid's pool as it fills with rain water

Getty Images

Kiddie pool games can also be science experiments. If there is rain in the forecast, place a small plastic kiddie pool in the yard, and when the storm is over, have your kiddos measure how much it rained.

20. Memory Match

A kiddie pool is filled with and surrounded by rubber ducks.

Getty Images

Purchase rubber ducks in a variety of styles, but be sure to have pairs that match. Then, fill a kiddie pool with water and throw the ducks in before having the kids find matching sets. This fun game will nurture your child’s attention to detail!

21. Wishing Well Coin Counting

Coins in the bottom of kiddie pool made into a wishing well.

Getty Images

Have kids throw change into a kiddie pool to make a wish. Once they’ve thrown it in, you can create a math lesson by having them try to find the right coins to match a given dollar amount.

22. Floating Books

Nine year old girl reading on a yellow lifesaver.

Getty Images

Since lots of baby books are waterproof, why not put them to the test in a kiddie pool filled with water? Sit your baby or toddler inside the pool and watch as they develop an early love of reading while splashing around. Older kids who are careful not to drop their books in the water may be able to lounge in a kiddie pool while reading too!

23. Panning for Gold

Children dressed as cowboys are sifting through mud in a kiddie pool looking for gold bits.

Some kiddie pool games are messy, but we promise this one will be worth it! Hide some toy gold at the bottom of a kiddie pool and then fill it with mud. Then give kids some pans to mine for the gold!

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24. Shaving Cream Sensory Fun

Kiddie pool games can involve sensory fun like this kiddie pool filled with shaving cream. Two kids are seen playing in it while covered in shaving cream.

Young kids learn best through play. Sensory play encourages exploration and creativity while helping develop motor skills. We can think of few things more fun than playing in a pool of shaving cream.

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25. Ball Pit

Two little kids play in a kiddie pool filled with brightly colored plastic balls.

Kiddie pool games that can be played indoors are important too! Is it too rainy or cold to head outside? Grab a kiddie pool and fill it with small plastic balls like these. It is a great opportunity for sensory play, but you can also get kids to practice their colors by asking them to show you a specific one.

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Summer is here and kiddie pools are in every store. They aren't just for swimming anymore though! Check out our favorite kiddie pool games.