An Elementary Teacher Designed a ‘Call in and Scream’ Hotline Because of Course They Did

Leave it to a teacher to come up with this unique outlet.

Illustrated blond teacher screaming on a green and blue background

Chris Gollmar created a hotline that people can call and scream into because, you know, 2020 (and now 2021). It’s pretty genius if you think about it. Nothing provides relief quite like a good scream into the void. But we must say, it didn’t surprise us one bit to find out that New York-based Gollmar is an elementary school teacher. If anyone needs a scream hotline, it’s definitely teachers.

When should I call?

The website says, “To scream! You might be unhappy, terrified, frustrated, or elated. All of these are perfectly good reasons to call and record yourself screaming.” So whether your district just changed your educational model for the umpteenth time, another student submitted a blank assignment, or you got zero participation during your virtual evaluation … well, it’s scream time. 

How does it work?

OK, so you’re on the receiving end of an angry parent email (“You never told me about these missing assignments!”). Simply go to the Just Scream site, where you’ll be directed to call 1-561-567-8431. Wait for the beep, scream, and hang up. Don’t worry. There’s no one on the other line, and they won’t store your phone number. Your scream will be uploaded and join the over 70,000 other recorded screams available for your listening … pleasure.

Unfortunately, this participatory sound art project ends on Jan. 21. So get screaming.

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An Elementary Teacher Designed a 'Call in and Scream' Hotline Because of Course They Did