18 January Bulletin Board Ideas To Welcome in the New Year

Celebrate the New Year in style.

Examples of January bulletin boards

After a refreshing holiday break, it’s time to spruce up your classroom for the new year! Whether you want to showcase those New Year’s resolutions or simply wintertime fun, we’ve got you covered. Check out 18 of our favorite ideas for January bulletin boards in your classroom.

1. A Toast to the New Year

Toast New Year bulletin board

How cute are these toasts for the new year? Have your students brainstorm what their toast will be and display them on this festive bulletin board.

Source: Blog Hoppin

2. A Marshmallow World

It's a marshmallow world in the Winter

January means lots of snow, so why not celebrate with this adorable marshmallow world board? We want s’more of these January bulletin board ideas!

Source: Pinterest/Denise McGrath

3. I Have a Dream


I have a dream bulletin board- January Bulletin Boards

In Honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, create this inspirational bulletin board featuring different-colored hands in the shape of a heart. Students can also display their own dreams on this board.

Source: Primrose Schools

4. The Lorax

Bulletin board with Lorax theme

The Lorax meets New Year’s resolutions in this creative and interactive board. Use tissue paper to create some awesome-looking Truffula Trees!

Source: The Corner on Character

5. New Year, New Books

New year, new book bulletin board- January Bulletin Boards

We love this fresh take on a New Year’s board. Showcase your new and improved library and include some fun stars to make this one stand out.

Source: Ontarian Librarian

6. Cool Resolutions

Cool resolutions bulletin board

Combine a simple craft with a writing prompt and you have a pretty cool board! You can even have your students customize their penguin friends.

Source: Fun in First

7. Random Acts of Kindness

Bulletin board with words "Random acts of kindness pile them up!"- January Bulletin Boards

It’s never a bad time to celebrate acts of kindness. Have students write their ideas on paper snowflakes and staple them to the board. A great idea all around!

Source: Facebook/Suellen Riggs Stanley

8. Winter Birds

Winter birds bulletin board

Want to keep it simple? This winter birds board will do the trick. Include a friendly snowman and your January scene is complete!

Source: Pinterest/Heather Brooks

9. Sweater Weather

Sweater weather bulletin board

Get creative with this ugly-sweater bulletin board. Time to break out those crafting supplies!

Source: Pinterest/Christine Crispin

10. Generosity Warms the Heart

Generosity warms the heart bulletin board- January Bulletin Boards

Ask your students how they can be generous during this winter season. Their responses will surely warm your heart!

Source: Pinterest/Preschool 3

11. Solve a Snowflake

Solve a snowflake bulletin board- January Bulletin Boards

How cute is this snowman detective? Attach some challenging math equations on this board for a mysterious and fun January bulletin board idea.

Source: Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road

12. New Beginnings

Bulletin board with wors "New 2018 year, new beginnings"

Celebrate the new year in style with this festive bulletin board idea. Attach party hats and other props to pictures of your class. They will love this one!

Source: Pinterest/Nikki Rocourt

13. Warm Wishes

Bulletin board with words "Warm wishes for a cool new year!"- January Bulletin Boards

Nothing says winter quite like a warm and toasty fireplace. Add in some snowflakes and hot cocoa for an even more wintry vibe.

Source: Pinterest/Angela Brown

14. Read Like Snowbody’s Business 

Bulletin board about snowman

This board is perfect for your reading corner! Use cotton balls to make a very cute snowman.

Source: Facebook/Butler Public Library

15. Warm Winter Wishes

Bulletin board with words "Warm winter wishes!"-January Bulletin Boards

This board has it all: sugar and spice and everything nice. We love the gingerbread people and all the cute cutouts!

Source: Pinterest/Phylicia Hanzlik

16. Wild About Winter

Bulletin board with words "Wild about Winter!"

These snowmen have some serious style. The fun patterned pants will have everyone stopping to look at this board!

Source: Pinterest/Rosalba Daza

17. Hibernate With a Good Book

Bulletin board with words "January is time to hibernate with a great book!"- January Bulletin Boards

This idea for January bulletin boards is beary, beary cute. Create the reading bears using newspapers. How clever!

Source: Pinterest/Nancy Brendel

18. Gliding Into a New Year

Bulletin board with words "Gliding into a New Year"

This ice-skating board is so perfect for celebrating the new year. We love all the different colors and textures on the skates!

Source: Through the Eyes of a Dreamer 

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Celebrate the new year in style this season with these 18 ideas for January bulletin boards in your classroom!