The Best Interactive Online Calendars for Morning Meetings and More

Calendar time, but make it digital!

Collage of Interactive Online Calendars

Calendar time has long been a staple of PreK and kindergarten classrooms. It teaches little learners the days of the week, months of the year, weather concepts, and even basic math skills. Many teachers incorporate it into their morning meetings as they gather kids in front of the calendar bulletin board to start each day. If you’re working virtually this year, or just want to explore fresh new ways to make calendar time fun, check out these interactive online calendars created by other teachers. They’re sure to engage your students and start the day off right!

1. Drag and drop

Calendar grid with colorful circles showing numbers that can be dragged into place (Interactive Online Calendars)

This simple Google Slides version lets kids drag and drop the date onto the calendar each day. Parent instructions are included to make at-home learning easier.

Get it: Renee Miller

2. Learn the days of the week

Slide called Calendar Time, showing September calendar and fill-in-the-blanks for Today Is, Tomorrow Is, and Yesterday Was

Here’s another basic option that focuses on the days of the week. You get 12 editable slides, one for each month.

Get it: DN Creations

3. Go colorful


Blank grid marked August with colorful number and days of the week tiles (Interactive Online Calendars)

The creator of this calendar offers a free update each year, so this is a resource you can use for a long time to come. Score!

Get it: A Sunny Day In First Grade


4. Use a monthly theme

Monthly calendars with themes like hearts for February and pumpkins for October (Interactive Online Calendars)

If you’re missing the fun themes that paper bulletin board sets offer, try this take! It also includes calendar math like place value, graphing, and shapes.

Get it: Firstieland

5. Include activities with calendar time

Collage of images showing calendar time activities, including weather, daily numbers, and telling time

Calendar time is a chance to learn much more than the days of the week. This bundle offers weather, shapes, money, and a whole lot more to make your calendar sessions meaningful.

Get it: Teaching in the Tongass

6. Explore the weather

Bar chart with columns for sunny, rainy, cloudy, snowy, and stormy weather

If you’re a Seesaw user, grab these online interactive calendars (there’s a Google Slides version too). They help kids establish daily routines like checking the weather, exploring a number of the day, and more.

Get it: Created By Chelsea

7. Don’t forget the seasons

Slides labeled Seasons, Today's Weather, Dress Me For the Weather, Today's Temperature, and Birthdays (Interactive Online Calendars)

Weather and the seasons are some of the most fun parts of calendar learning. This set includes a perennial favorite activity: Dress For the Weather. Kids always enjoy choosing the right clothes to wear each day!

Get it: Emily Ames

8. Do some calendar math

Assortment of activities representing number on the calendar, including ten frames, tally marks, place value, and money (Interactive Online Calendars)

Little learners gain a lot of early math skills just by learning how calendars work. This big set of slides represents each date in a variety of ways, from place value and tally marks to hundreds charts and money.

Get it: Kindergarten Korner

9. Make it bilingual

Calendar slides in English and Spanish, showing days of the month and types of weather

Teach calendar lessons in English and Spanish, thanks to these interactive online calendars. You get bilingual activities for counting, ten frames, weather, shapes, and more.

Get it: Bilingual By The Beach

10. Add a Morning Message

Slide marked "Morning Message" with a blackboard for the message, and second slide marked Telling Time showing a clock (Interactive Online Calendars)

Since many teachers kick off the day with calendar time, it can be nice to add a morning message into the mix. For pre-readers, make it a picture or video to enjoy while they wait. Older students will enjoy a welcome message telling them what to expect for the day or an inspirational quote.

Get it: Teacher’s Brain – Cindy Martin

11. Look for patterns

Calendar pages where the numbers are colorful icons that form patterns on the page (Interactive Online Calendars)

When numbers are turned into colorful shapes, students will see the patterns that emerge as you add each day to the calendar. That’s just one of the benefits of this enormous bundle, available for Smart Notebook, ActivInspire, and PowerPoint.

Get it: Teaching With Terhune

12. Try a freebie

Blank calendar marked August, with colorful numbers and space for a message

Not sure if online interactive calendars are for you? Here’s a basic freebie you can try out to see how it goes.

Get it: 21st Century K

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The Best Interactive Online Calendars for Morning Meetings and More