Our Top Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2024

A look back at the marketing landscape in 2023 makes it clear that predicting what’s to come in the year ahead is uncertain business.

Who saw the meteoric rise of ChatGPT coming? Who knew Twitter would rebrand as X?

In 2024, we are sure to have some surprises, but there are also predictable trends to stay ahead of.

  • Gmail has new email requirements that everyone needs to follow. Are you ready?
  • Email open rates are inaccurate. Do you know what to measure instead?
  • Educational podcasts are a growing favorite for teachers and students. Can you tap in?
  • Teachers expect brands to take a stand on big issues. Are you?

Our team at We Are Teachers Studio and MDR rolled up our sleeves to dig into the top trends with a specific focus on education. Simply fill the form to the right and you’ll get instant access to our top trends.

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Plus! Each trend comes with a tip that you can use right away to maximize your marketing dollars and campaigns.