12 Clever Teacher Sayings to Help Kids Mind Their Own Business

Because it’s always good to have a snappy comeback in your pocket.

Help Kids Mind Their Own Business

Recently, WeAreTeachers HELPLINE reader SM wrote in with this comment: “I see my students picking at each other all the time, yelling and not being nice when their peers aren’t following expectations, but the ones who are doing the picking aren’t exactly doing their best either. I am looking for some good character education quotes or tricks to teach them the importance of worrying about THEMSELVES instead of everybody else. I use the phrase, ‘it is your job to worry about you, not others,’ but it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. Any suggestions?”

Ah yes! Kids seem to have the uncanny ability to know exactly what their classmates are or are not doing regardless of what’s going on in their little corner of the classroom. My mama would have responded to that sort of thing with “Mind your own beeswax!” Here are some playful suggestions from other teachers (and okay, one from Hank Williams.)

1. Focus on the road.

Credit: Anna S.

2. Check yourself.

credit: Karen G. (and Kid President)

3. MYOB.

Credit: Suzanne H. (and Kacey Musgraves)

4. Cultivate your own learning.


Credit: Nancy C.

5. Sage advice at any age.

Credit: Sara W.

6. Busy is good.

Credit: Hank Williams

7. You never know when you’ll get a nibble.

Credit: Amy J.

8. Dip, dip and swing.

Credit: Elaine F.

9. Navigate wisely.

Credit: Theresa B.

10. Follow your own current.

Credit: Kat K.

11. Keep your lips zipped.

Credit: Donia M.

12. Lol!

Credit: Meridith M.

What do you say teachers? Do you have any MYOB sayings to add to the list?