Boo! These Darling Early Readers Are Perfect for Halloween

These books have everything we love about Halloween.

3 Free Halloween Early Readers

Halloween is always a super fun time of year for students. And for the staff at WeAreTeachers, too! This year, we’re celebrating by launching our new series of early reading books with three brand-new Halloween titles. These Halloween early readers are perfect for students in grades K-2. You can print them or invite students to read them on an iPad.

We’ll be releasing more titles in our early readers series soon, so let us know what types of books you would like to see! Email us at with your ideas. And in the meantime, submit your email here to get your Halloween early readers.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll receive:

Halloween Dogs

This book will have every one of your dog-loving students smiling and laughing. I mean what’s better than a dog in a cute costume. The ghost dog kills me every time!


Halloween Treats

It’s all about the candy on this holiday, isn’t it? This early reader gets your kids talking about which treats they like the most on Halloween. I love candy apples, do you?


Halloween Creatures

What better time to start talking about night creatures than Halloween? This book tells you one fact about each night creature kids always adore. There’s an owl, a spider, a black cat, and more!