17 Hall Pass Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

Students can hit the hall in style!

17 Hall Pass Ideas You'll Want to Steal

Do you use hall passes in your classroom? We love these creative hall pass ideas that are suitable for almost any situation.

1. When you want to keep it simple …

Source: Mrs. McClintick

All you need are clothespins and paint to make this hall pass design happen. We love simple things that get the job done.

2. When you teach art …

Source: Create Art with Me

You don’t really have to teach art to make this one. It’s such a fun hall pass. All of your students will want to use it.

3. When you find something awesome on Etsy …


There are so many great hall pass options on Etsy, like this one. If you have the budget, Etsy is a great place to look. It’s nice to know you’re supporting an independent artist. Some are even teachers!

4. When you don’t want to do a pass at all …

Source: The Price of Teaching

If you can get your students in the habit of moving their name when they come in and out of the classroom, then this is a great tool to use.

5. When you’re pretty crafty … 

Source: Jazzy Zebra Designs

We fell in love with this pattern, available for purchase from this Etsy artist. We hope you’re crafty (or know someone who is). 

6. When you want it to cost almost nothing …

Source: Miss Giraffe’s Class

It doesn’t get any easier (or cheaper) than this. It’s a quick and simple visual for your students.

7. When you want to be memorable …

Source: Ms. Noles

You can pick up flip-flops from the dollar store. Secure the loop with hot glue, and you’re in business!

8. When you want to match your classroom theme …

Source: Etsy

Passes come in many varieties, such as superheroes, owlstropicalsimple and colorful, and many more.

9. When you want to make sure their hands are clean …

Source: 3rd Grade Thoughts

Print labels and put them on bottles of hand sanitizer for this hygienic pass option.

10. When you’re the director … 

Source: kasefazem

We love this hall pass that shows who’s in charge. It’s another great Etsy option. 

11. When you like painting … 

Source: Unknown 

Yes, these are paint-stirring sticks along with paint samples. So simple, and so great. 

12. When your school stops ordering agendas …

Source: Math Equals Love

If you don’t want to use a million Post-It notes, print one of these for each of your students.

13. When you like to upcycle … 

Source: Unknown 

Don’t throw those old disks away. Turn them into hall passes instead! Perfect for your everyday lanyard. 

14. When you teach science …

Source: Beyond the Blackboard

The best part about this pass? It’s wearable!

15. When you want to make sure they REALLY need to go …

Source: Berryart

A painted toilet seat shows everyone in the hallway exactly where your students are headed, so it cuts down on unnecessary trips.

16. When you (or your school) require very specific information …

Source: School Speciality

Your school may order these, but if not, print a template, like this single-use pass. Use colored paper for added flair.

17. When you want something cute, quick, and easy … 

Source: StudentHandouts.com

This pass set is a two-part printable: seven passes (print on cardstock and laminate) and the poster template.

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17 Hall Pass Ideas You'll Want to Steal