Things might look a bit different with back to school this year. For those teachers who will be physically teaching in the classroom, giving a warm welcome to students is more important than ever! Decorating classroom doors is one way to do that. Whether you’re using a theme or decorating with student names in calligraphy, there are so many ways to make it personal. Check out our favorite classroom doors below for inspiration!

Note: Some schools and districts can’t decorate doors due to fire marshal code. If that’s the case, check out these great bulletin boards!

1. You Are …

Inspiration and motivation as we head into the unknown of this school year.

2. Meme of the Week

Because it’s important to stay relevant!

3. Inspiring Black Youth

What a beautiful door for back to school!

4. I Am Enough

Based on the New York Times bestseller by the same name!

5. Don’t Just Grow, Bloom

We love the message of this door! For Spring and always.


6. Write It Out  

What a wonderful way to display your students’ names! The design is simple and perfect. 

7. 3-D and Crayons?! 

We’re so in love with this door, which features 3-D crayons that are coloring the door itself. What a clever design. 

8. Everyone Is Incredible 

Being incredible is a great theme in general, and with the recent release of the second movie, your students will actually understand the reference! 

9. Celebrate Math 

We love it when teachers are proud of their subject and display it proudly. 

10. Ready to Fly 

What a great, positive message for students. Help them fly this year!

11. The World Needs You 

This is ready for a door, and it’s also dog approved.

12. Positive Energy 

These are good reminders to give kids every single day. 

13. Beautiful Butterflies 

This really takes a standard classroom door to the next level. Those 3-D butterflies really make it gorgeous. 

14. Promote Sustainability 

The best part is the way this teacher reused old newspaper to transform the door. Very cool! 

15. Throwback to the ’80s 

These are not on doors, but they definitely could be. Look at that Donkey Kong! 

16. Bilingual Message

It’s a positive message and a wonderful way to display your incoming students’ names. You can put up any message that you want! 

17. Stick Together 

Cacti are everywhere these days, and this door doesn’t disappoint!

18. Very Hungry Caterpillar 

This is a front and back design. Now this is some seriously #ClassroomDoorGoals. 

19. Celebrate Sports 

For all you sporty teachers out there, this is perfect for you. 

20. Learning and Growing 

It’s such a colorful design, and we love the rule incorporated, too. 

21. Love for Pete 

He will always be a favorite! This design really works well because it’s big, bright, and friendly. 

22. Hello, My Name Is … 

So simple, yet so smart. 

23. Llama Fan 

You have to recognize a good llama pun. This one is great! 

24. Arrgh You Ready?

You can change out the pirate’s clothing throughout the year, or even make it seasonal! 

25. Chalk It Up 

Why yes, that is a chalkboard door, and the message can change daily if you want. 

26. Art Inspiration 

You don’t have to teach art to have this door. It’s so simple, yet so genius. 

27. Math + Kindness = Great Door 

It’s a clever spin on kindness. 

28. Spread Even More Kindness 

This one gets the students involved, too! 

29. Let the Games Begin

With a door like that, it is going to be an amazing year. 

30. Spread Your Wings 

This would be a great spot for those first-day pictures. 

31. Be a Pineapple 

This is a good message to send. 

32. Take the First Step 

One of the most beautiful classroom doors we’ve ever seen. 

33. Growing is Learning

Door decoration with smiling clouds raining onto flowers, with the text "When we Learn we Grow"

Source: Michelle Dupois Education

Super cute and includes student names!

34. Who Doesn’t Love a Minion?

Door decoration of a minion saying "be ambitious, anything less is despicable."


We love the idea of turning your door into a minion! And you can switch out “Be Ambitious” for the value that you want students to develop this year, e.g., “Be Respectful,” “Be Diligent,” or “Be a Reader.”

35. We’re on the Road to Success!

 Door decoration of a road with cards saying "road to success"


Personalize this door by adding signs along the road with important school-year moments, such as the fall book fair, field trips, and other special days.

36. S’more Learning

 Door decoration of a fire pit with smores, saying "Back for s'more learning"


With Styrofoam peanut “marshmallows,” this is a tactile way to welcome students to class.

37. Hopping Back to School

Door decoration of a frog


Nothing more than strategically cut butcher paper; all this jolly door needs is a lily pad painted on the floor.

38. Welcome to the Nest

Door decoration of a tree with birds, saying "welcome to Mrs. Holbomb's nest"


Personalize this cozy door by having students decorate their own bird, write their name, and add one fact that makes them unique.

39. 3, 2, 1 …

 Door decoration of a rocket blasting off, saying "we're off to a good start!"

Source: Unknown

Blast off! This door invites students into a world of new learning.

40. Back-to-School Supplies

Door decoration of a life-size box of crayons, saying "Mrs. Jessica's crayons"

Source: Mrs. Jessica

Everyone loves a crisp new crayon, and this door portrays all your students as vibrant colors in a Crayola pack.

41. Give ‘Em Something to “Taco” About

Door decoration of tacos with students names on them, and words saying "That's what I'm taco'n about"

Source: Learn Spanish

Grab some tan paper circles, red and green string, and the right border, and this tasty welcome is ready to go.

42. Just Popped by to Say Hello

 Door decoration of a bowl of popcorn spilling and the words "look who's popping in" -- classroom doors


Your students will love to see what’s poppin’ up in your grade! Trim yellow sticky notes to make the kernel shapes!

43. Up, up and Away

Door decoration of the UP movie house with the balloons labelled with the students names, and a phrase saying "UP and away in 4th grade" -- classroom doors

Source: Idea Stand

This Up-themed door will spark students’ imagination about all the places you’ll visit in books and lessons this year.

44. Welcome the New Bunch

Door decoration of a basket of apples, each apple labelled with the student's names -- classroom doors


Apples are a back-to-school classic, and this door is a bushel of fun.

45. We Love Reading!

Door decoration of a book and the words "Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are" -- classroom doors

Source: Glitter and Glue

Pick your favorite quote about reading and go. You can never go wrong with with book classroom doors!

46. Everything’s Coming up Roses

Door decoration of a sun smiling on flowers, saying "look who's blooming!" -- classroom doors

Source: My Classroom Ideas

Students will remember this bright, cheerful door long after the first day of school.

47. Autumn Back-to-School Theme

Door decoration of an owl on a tree over a pumpkin patch -- classroom doors

Source: Mrs. Hutchinson

This fall theme will keep your door fresh through October.

48. Knock, Knock

Door decoration of a blue background and oranges with the words "Orange you glad you're in 2nd grade?" -- classroom doors

Source: Mrs. Blankenburg

Letter cutouts and fruit are all you need to start the year with a classic punch line.

49. Inspired by Eric Carle

 Door decoration of dots and the words "welcome very hungry learners!" -- classroom doors


Welcome students back to school with a nod to this favorite children’s book author.

50. Stick Together

It’s a great way to build community right away. 

51. A told B …

Door decoration of monkeys falling from a coconut tree, with the words "chicka chicka boom boom! Welcome to our classroom!" -- classroom doors

Source: Rainbows Within Reach

Chicka chicka boom boom, welcome to your new room. Students will love this take on the read-aloud favorite.

52. A Sweet Start

Door decoration of a big cupcake saying "5th grade is going to be sweet" and multiple small cupcakes with student's names written on them -- classroom doors


It’s obvious that fifth grade is going to be sweet, with a cherry on top!

53. Aim High

Door decoration of arms outstretched towards the stars, and the words "Our aims for this school year..." -- classroom doors

Source: Unknown

Have students trace their arms on colored paper and fill your door with student goals for the school year. Save these goals for reflection in June.

54. Look Whooo’s Here

Door decoration of owls labelled with names of students and the words "look whooo's in our room!" -- classroom doors


Simply put, this door is a hoot!

55. Home, Sweet Classroom

Super sweet and reminds us of home!

56. In a Snap

Door decoration of many photographs and the words "oh snap!" -- classroom doors


We love Instagram-inspired classroom doors! Fill it with summer photos or clips from experiences that students can expect in your class (the covers of novels you’ll read, photos of the field trip to the zoo, students reading outside in the spring … ).

57. A Buzzy Welcome

Door decoration of a bee-hive with many bees labelled with students names -- classroom doors


Students will be buzzing about your class from the first day of school!

58. Bold and Beautiful

Classroom Door with students names and a banner -- classroom doors


A pack of bold-colored paper against black butcher paper makes this door stand out.

59. What a Treat

Door decoration of a popsicle and the words "first grade... it's oh so sweet!" -- classroom doors


This Popsicle-themed, glitter-covered door is the perfect sweet start to the year.

60. Into the Deep

Door decoration of an undersea scene with the words "welcome to Mrs Beer's ocean reef" -- classroom doors


Dive into the deep with this ocean-themed door.

61. Under the Sea

Door decoration of a whale "eating" the doorframe. -- classroom doors


This is a doorway your students will never forget! And we want to see how it will be decorated for Shark Week.

62. Find the Power

Door decoration of words "superheroes in training" and an image of Superman's logo -- classroom doors

Source: Ms. Stewart

Pick your favorite superhero to do a door like this. We’re sure your students would like any hero you choose.

63. Inspiring the Future

Classroom door decoration of positive affirmations -- classroom doors

Source: Lessons with Laughter

The message of this door is so sweet and so true. You could even change out the descriptions throughout the year.

64. When Sharpness Counts

Door decoration of a large pencil and the words "what a sharp bunch!" -- classroom doors

Source: Indulgy

When it comes to classroom doors, you can never ever go wrong with pencils.

65. Inspiration from Butterflies

Door decoration of butterflies and the words "learning gives you wings to fly!" -- classroom doors

Source: Unknown

You could even name each butterfly after a student!

Check out our classroom doors video to get another look at these great ideas.


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65 Awesome Classroom Doors for Back to School