28 Best Gifts To Bookmark for Your Favorite Librarians

Some novel ideas for your gifting list.

Paired photo of embroidered personalized bookmarks and acrylic bookends, as examples of the best gifts for librarians
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We love our school librarians. They’re doing one of the most important jobs on the planet right now: connecting kids with stories. Science tells us that kids who read are better at building resilience, empathy, and a strong vocabulary. And in a world that needs more strong, brave, kind voices, librarians are leading the charge. That’s why librarians deserves to get gifts that are extra special.

Looking to show librarians how much they mean to you? We’ve put together a list of gifts to get your (and their) pages turning. Sure, you could get them a book … but they’ve probably already read it. Treat your favorite librarian to one of our gifts that range from practical to decorative and from cozy to chic. They deserve it!

Quick tip: Check your school’s gift policy before giving; some prohibit homemade treats and/or gifts over a certain monetary value.

1. Thank-you note

Book stack thank you cards

Appropriately, there is no quicker way to a librarian’s heart than reading a heartfelt note. For an added touch, use these beautiful Bibliophile note cards that come with 20 different stack selections to choose from.

Buy it: Bibliophile Notes at Amazon

2. Amazon e-gift card or other gift card

Gifts for librarians: Amazon egift cards

Gift cards are the best way to ensure that librarians really get what they want. (Plus, Amazon eGift cards are super easy and give the option to send a thank-you note via email right away!)

Buy it: Amazon eGift Card at Amazon; Target Gift Card at Target; support your local bookstore with a gift card

3. Reading valet

Gifts for librarians: book valet
Uncommon Goods

You know that feeling when you find something and think, “Huh. I didn’t realize I needed one of those until I saw it”? That’s how we all feel encountering our first reading valet. This beautiful design has a cupholder and a groove for glasses in addition to the triangular page-keeper.

Buy it: Book Nook Reading Valet at Uncommon Goods

4. Book light

Gifts for librarians: rechargeable book light

For the librarian who’s been telling themselves for the last 45 minutes “Just one more chapter …,” this book-light model is light, not too bright, and will handily enable any book addict’s nighttime reading habits.

Buy it: Rechargeable Book Light at Amazon

5. Super-soft blanket


Librarians are blanket people. Librarians are also chenille people. I do not make the rules. (This one’s machine washable and comes with nearly a thousand five-star reviews.)

Buy it: Chenille Blanket at Amazon

6. Tote bag from Loyalty Bookstore in Washington, D.C.

Tote bag from Loyalty Bookstore
Loyalty Bookstores

Not only do we love this gorgeous print, but Loyalty Bookstores out of D.C. is a fantastic independent bookstore to support. Founded by Hannah Oliver Depp, a Black and Queer bookseller, Loyalty is a treasured independent bookstore in the mid-Atlantic area.

Buy it: Tote Bag at Loyalty Bookstores

7. Literacy & Justice for All shirt


At a time when librarians are being silenced, this shirt makes an important statement.

Buy it: Literacy & Justice for All shirt at Amazon

8. Colorful leather bookmark

Gifts for librarians: leather bookmarks
LithsLeather via Etsy

Embroidery not your jam? These sleek leather bookmarks are beautiful, colorful, and have a monogram option for when you absent-mindedly leave your book in a cafe. And let’s be honest, nothing says “gifts” quite like bookmarks.

Buy it: Leather Bookmark at Etsy

9. Shakespeare shirt

Out of Print

From Shakespeare to Clifford the Big Red Dog, Out of Print has T-shirts that’ll suit any librarian’s tastes. We love this take on Shakespeare’s plays—it’s giving us book nerd, but also tough gal/guy.

Buy it: Shakespeare shirt at Out of Print

10. Literary tattoos

Walden literary tattoos

These temporary literature tattoos are a fun way to show off a book you love without committing to lifelong permanence. Litographs has seven other tattoo sets from classic and contemporary literature. Little Prince ink? Sign us up!

Buy it: Walden tattoos at Litographs

11. Queen of Books enamel pin

Out of Print

Your favorite librarian just called, and she won’t be happy until she has this pin. (You’d better comply—I hear she’s pretty scary when she’s mad.)

Buy it: Queen of Books pin at Out of Print

12. Book club candle

Gifts for librarians: book club candle

With warm and spicy notes like sandalwood, amber, and orange, it’s no wonder this cozy candle is one of the Homesick brand’s most popular buys.

Buy it: Scented candle at Amazon

13. Digital gift card to Native-owned bookstore Birchbark Books

Birchbark Books

Birchbark Books out of Minneapolis is a treasured institution in their community and beyond. An independent, Indigenous-owned bookstore, Birchbark carries an amazing selection of books, Native arts, and gifts that inspire literal pilgrimages from across the country and world. (Plus, we love any bookstore that has a whole page dedicated to the staff’s pets.)

Buy it: Digital gift card at Birchbark Books

14. Yummy snacks that won’t leave residue on book pages

Gourmet snacks

Snacks for readers can be tricky, but not with this assortment from Cravebox! Whether they’re in the middle of a good book or taking a snack break from restacking shelves, any librarian will look forward to these tasty treats.

Buy it: Gourmet snack box at Amazon

15. Fun acrylic bookends

acrylic bookends
JSilverCreative via Etsy

We love these simple, modern bookends from Etsy. Get two of a kind, or mix and match to your heart’s content.

Buy it: Acrylic bookends at Etsy

16. Rotating bookshelf


No reader can ever have enough shelves. This functional and beautiful rotating bookshelf is a space-saver and has the added bonus of making it feel like you live in a bookstore.

Buy it: Rotating Bookshelf at Amazon

17. Read More Books art print

Art print saying Read More Books

This art print is the perfect combo of classic and contemporary and has a message all librarians can get behind. Society6 has an assortment of other literature-inspired prints too.

Buy it: Read More Books print at Society6

18. It’s a Good Day To Read a Book shirt


Only if the day ends in -y, right?

Buy it: It’s a Good Day To Read a Book shirt at Amazon

19. Personalized embroidered bookmark

77Arts via Etsy

Has there ever been a more perfect stocking stuffer, thank-you gift, or pick-me-up? These bookmarks are impossibly twee, add a personal touch, and are bound to jump to the top of any librarian’s favorite bookmarks.

Buy it: Embroidered bookmark at Etsy

20. Cozy coffee or tea tumbler

Coffee or tea tumbler

No one who works in a school can ever have too many coffee tumblers. This KeepCup with its cork band and smooth lid makes an easy rinse between class visits to the library.

Buy it: KeepCup tumbler at Amazon

21. Customized book embosser

Customized book embosser
PickledStamps via Etsy

Give the gift of being bossy. Em-bossy. This personalized book embosser is the holy trifecta of a functional, beautiful, and meaningful gift.

Buy it: Embosser at Etsy

22. Bookish Cats puzzle

Bookish cats jigsaw puzzle

Need gifts for librarians who love puzzles? With beautiful illustrations, cute cats, and amazing puns (excuse me, Anna Purrenina? The Claw-dyssey?), there are almost too many layers to how darling this puzzle is. Almost.

Buy it: Bookish Cats puzzle at Amazon

23. Toni Morrison pin

Gifts for librarians: Toni Morrison pin
Kindred Stories

In addition to books, independent bookstore Kindred Stories in Houston has a great selection of gifts for librarians. A Toni Morrison pin makes a great addition to a gift box or gift card.

Buy it: Toni Morrison pin at Kindred Stories

24. This notebook from Beausoleil Books

Notebook from Beausoleil Books
Beausoleil Books

Any librarian (really, anyone who works in a school) could always use another space to jot down ideas, reminders, and tasks. Why not support indie bookstore Beausoleil Books out of Lafayette, Louisiana, at the same time?

Buy it: Notebook at Beausoleil Books

25. A tiny pin of their favorite book

Gifts for librarians: literary pins
Ideal Bookshelf

Whether on lanyards, a jacket, or a backpack, these pins make a statement. Excuse us while we go buy 15 of our faves.

Buy it: Pin at Ideal Bookshelf

26. Kate Spade book stack tote


Another thing a reader can never have too many of: literary-themed totes. This one by Kate Spade is both fun and shows great taste.

Buy it: Kate Spade tote at Amazon

27. Book Lovers mug


It’s very possible that people who work in a school might have too many mugs. But this one—with beautiful colors and gold detail—is bound to become a favorite.

Buy it: Book Lovers mug at Amazon

28. Library card socks

Out of Print

They also come in pink, mint green, gray, white, and navy. So, you know, you probably need all of them.

Buy it: Library Card Socks in yellow at Out of Print

Librarians deserve the world. But since the world doesn’t quite fit in a gift bag, we hope you’ve found a thing or two from this list of our favorite gifts for librarians!

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We go through the top gifts for librarians, from book valets (you read that right) to literary apparel to snack boxes.