23 Geometry Games & Activities Your Students Will Love

Quadrilateral Bingo, fraction War, and more!

Geometry Games and Activities

Geometry is one of the math units that students and teachers alike look forward to. Shapes, lines, angles, fractions, decimals, and more! There are so many fun activities that introduce concepts and give kids a chance to practice. Introduce your students to these 23 geometry games and activities and make math time the best part of your day.

1. Fit shapes together to make other shapes

First grade math student putting together hexagon and trapezoid blocks to make a new shape

Use pattern blocks with the free printable cards at the link to get kids playing around with simple geometry. They’ll practice recognizing basic shapes and learn they can use some shapes to make new ones.

Learn more: Susan Jones Teaching

2. Color in a polygon quilt

Polygon quilt game with some squares colored and text Find the hidden polygons!

Players take turns coloring in four connected triangles at a time, earning points for the shape they create. It’s a fun way to practice polygons.

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3. Play quadrilateral Bingo


Bingo game with quadrilateral blocks (Third Grade Math Game)

Every square is a rectangle, but not all rectangles are squares. Get a handle on quirky quadrilaterals with this free printable bingo game.

Learn more: You’ve Got This Math

4. Learn about shapes with a Geo-board

using a rubber band to make a shape on a geo-board

Geo-boards are an amazing tool for inspiring creative thinking in your students. Use them to let students practice making simple shapes. Or download these free Geo-board activity cards for more challenges.

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5. Create a quadrilateral family tree

mini-poster of a quadrilateral family tree

A square is a rectangle but is a rectangle a square? Sometimes it’s hard to know how to classify shapes. This fun activity lets kids explore shape families for deeper understanding.

Learn more: YouGotThisMath

6. Identify 3-D shapes in Mystery Bags

Colorful transparent 3-D shape blocks in front of paper bags numbered one through four (Second Grade Math Games)

Place a 3-D shape block into each numbered bag. Kids work in groups or on their own to identify each shape only by touch (no peeking!).

Learn more: Susan Jones Teaching

7. Spin and build cookie fractions

Worksheets with cookie fractions and a spinner made from a paperclip

Second grade math students begin working with basic fractions as a part of a whole. This free printable game helps them build those skills.

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8. Divide Play-Doh shapes into equal shares

Spin and Make worksheet with a circle divided into sections with labels including halves and fourths next to a circle of clay divided into fours

Second grade math students begin to work with the concept of fractions by partitioning shapes into equal shares. Play-Doh is perfect for this activity, giving kids hands-on practice in breaking shapes down into pieces.

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9. Use LEGO bricks to learn fractions

Lego bricks laid out to represent fractions with cards showing the fractions

In third grade math, students start learning fractions in earnest. Playing with LEGOs makes it fun! Kids draw cards and use colored bricks to represent the fraction shown. Check out even more ways to use LEGO bricks for math.

Learn more: JDaniel4’s Mom

10. Match up equivalent fractions

Plastic eggs with equivalent fractions written on each half (Third Grade Math Games)

Try a different kind of egg hunt to practice equivalent fractions. Write fractions on each half, then have kids find them and make the proper matches. (Make this harder by mixing up the colors!) Check out our other ways to use plastic eggs in the classroom.

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11. Give Spoons an equivalent fraction twist

fraction cards fanned out on a table with plastic spoons arranged next to them

Spoons is a classic and beloved card game where players race to match four-of-a-kind and grab a spoon in each round. In this version, they’re racing to match equivalent fractions (get some free printable cards to use at the link).

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12. Declare a fraction war with dominoes

a bin of colored dominoes on top of a white board with the words win! written on it

Each student draws a domino and positions it as a fraction. Then they compare the two to see whose is larger. The winning student keeps both dominoes. (See more cool ways to use dominoes for fraction games at the link.)

Learn more: Runde’s Room

13. Declare a fraction war with cards

Two sets of playing cards laid out with pencils to create fractions

War is one of the original math card games, but this version adds a fraction aspect. Students deal two cards, a numerator and denominator, then determine whose fraction is the largest. The winner keeps all four cards, and play continues until the cards are gone. (Click here for more fun and free fraction games.)

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14. Use playing cards to practice decimal place values

a deck of cards above 4 playing cards laid out face up with a score sheet below

Students take turns drawing cards, competing to build the highest possible number to the thousandths place.

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15. Have a decimal snowball fight

Circles of paper with 0.3 written in them, with a printable worksheet and the word "free!" (Fifth Grade Math)

Each student receives a stack of decimal “snowballs.” They each flip one over and compare their numbers. The student with the larger number keeps both snowballs.

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16. Play geometry vocabulary Go-Fish

two students's hands holding a handful of geometry vocabulary cards

While geometry can be light and fun, the vocabulary understanding needed to fully master geometry is huge! These vocabulary cards will help students master the lingo.

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17. Play Pick a Polygon

paper sack with pick a polygon written on it sitting on top of a bunch of white cards with colorful shapes printed on them

This fun vocabulary geometry game involves drawing a card and properly identifying it. If the card is a polygon, the student gets to keep it. If not, the student must explain why not, remove that card from play and return all of their previously-drawn cards to the bag.

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18. Use pattern blocks to explore symmetry

a symmetry mat with colorful pattern blocks laid out with shapes on either side of the center line

Give students a container of pattern blocks, these free symmetry mats, and task cards, and let them explore the concept of symmetry.

Learn more: Lucky Little Learners

19. Fold shapes to discover symmetry

a poster titled lines of symmetry with 6 examples of paper folded into different shapes with lines of symmetry drawn on them

Break students into groups, and hand out a series of paper shapes. Challenge each group to experiment with folding their shapes to see which are symmetrical and how many lines of symmetry they have.

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20. Play geometry Bingo

a bingo card with different lines, rays and angles drawn in the squares

Fourth grade math students love geometry games as they learn terms like line, ray, and types of angles. This free printable bingo game is a fun way to do it!

Learn more: You’ve Got This Math

21. Give students a practical way to use protractors

students using protractors on a wood table decorated with blue painters tape and angles drawn in with colored marker

Use dry erase markers and masking tape to give students lots of angles to explore and measure! If you can’t write on your tables, try using a big piece of butcher paper instead.

Learn more: Cursive and Crayons/Instagram

22. Battle with area and perimeter

graph paper with different squares and rectangles drawn in different colors. each shape has dimensions written inside.

Roll the dice to see the dimensions of your next rectangle, then mark it on the board. Try to fill your page completely before your partner does! (Have students write the area and perimeter in each block for practice along the way.)

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23. Learn about area and perimeter with LEGO bricks

area and perimeter challenge cards with questions and lego shapes on each one

These free, fun cards provide kids with LEGO building challenges that teach them math concepts and higher level thinking at the same time. Learning? Fun? Both!

Learn more: IGameMom

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23 Geometry Games & Activities Your Students Will Love