Let’s face it, we all make typos and misspeak! We just hope that we do it around our significant others or friends, not in class or in an email we send home to parents! Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. We recently shared funny student typos, but we notice educators are willing to throw themselves under the bus with their own funny teacher typos and misspoken words, too. We’ve shared some of our favorites below, but we’d love to hear yours in the comments.

Public information made “private”

I made a typo I’ll never emotionally recover from. from Teachers

“Last week I gave a presentation on the internet. I misspelled a word in ‘public information system.’ You can guess what I misspelled.” —Sidhlairel

That one time you wish autocorrect worked

“I teach English as a foreign language. During lockdown, my face-to-face classes went online, and the very small ones at 6 years old were accompanied by their parents. So, sharing my screen, and with all the parents watching, I’m typing in the names of animals as I’m pronouncing and they’re repeating. GOAT. HORSE. DUCK. Of course, D is right next to F on a keyboard.” —DishPidge


“Pro tip: Proofread all emails—even when you’re short on time. It never occurred to me how close the T and the G are on the keyboard until one fateful day. ReGards,” —MrWhiteICT

I think we’ve all misspelled this one

“I accidentally wrote activitities on the board once. Thankfully my observation was the next class.” —BamBiffZippo

Beat. It’s just beat.

“Well I told a class of seniors that “Gawain just beat off Lancelot” once so there’s that.” —Broiledturnip

Break out rooms, make out rooms … is there a difference?

“I told my online students I was going to put them into “make out rooms” (instead of break out rooms). Not one snicker or acknowledgment. I didn’t bother correcting myself. They weren’t listening anyway. 🤓” —louiseah

Let’s not resort to violence!

“I once told my high school class if they treated my substitute badly again, she’d take names and I’d send them to the hospital myself. Then I froze. Mentally I was like “did I say hospital…or principal???” I was stuck frozen.” —sea_monkeys

Know your audience

“I once told trumpet players to ‘shake that D.'” —aslottedspoon

Those darn last syllables.

“I had a friend giving a presentation to a high school class and said genital links instead of genetic links.” —nnavotineb

That light works differently!

“Once when reading to my class I read “flashlight” as “fleshlight” and was fortunate enough that nobody noticed.” —ReadertheRed

Okay, now it’s your turn. Have you made any of these funny teacher typos or faux pas above? We’d love to hear in the comments.

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