Reddit Teachers Are Sharing the Funniest Student Typos

“Magellan circumcised the globe.”

Funny Student Typos

Typos. We all make them—some of us more than others thanks to autocorrect. And while they can be cringey, sometimes a student typo is just the thing we need to lift our spirits when we’re facing a stack of 30 ungraded essays. Over the last few days, Redditors have been sharing funny student typos, and we can’t stop laughing. We’ve shared some of our favorites below, but we’d love to hear yours in the comments, too.

A fearsome foe

“Student wrote about attacking his enema, not enemy.” —Appropriate-Apple-79

That … paints a picture

“The human testes are 15 feet long.” (Intestines). —ItchyRedBump

All roads lead … where?


“All roads lead to roam.” Well, sure why not…——knaveknight—

Our memorable first pregnant

“Friday, a student wrote about George Washington’s pregnancy. He was our first pregnant. I have president written on an anchor chart in the room.” —heyitsyoutuber

Those darn geckos

“When I was a student teacher, I had a kid who was trying to summarize his paragraph by saying something was wrong from the get go, but wrote “it was a bad idea from the gecko.” —bluemps

He did what now?

“Magellan circumcised the globe.” —Notthenameulooking4

This one comes up surprisingly often, according to Redditors

“It’s not a typo per se, simply misspelt (and I assume it’s quite common), but if I got money every time a student wrote or said ‘orgasm’ instead of ‘organism,’ I’d be retired on a yacht by now… —Active-Compote-3198

Sometimes geography gets interesting

“Vagina and West Vagina are two states in the US.” —Glum_Ad1206

You know, the renowned civil rights leader …

“Martian Luther King Jr.” —realworldcalling

Finally, the best way to start a story

“Once a pond a time.” —Biddybink

Okay, now it’s your turn. Have you seen any of the mistakes above? Have you ran across your own funny student typos? We’d love to hear in the comments.

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Reddit Teachers Are Sharing the Funniest Student Typos