We Bet You Can’t Get Through This Post Without Buying One of These Funny Teacher Mugs

Despite the fact that you already own one million.

15 Funny Teacher Mugs You'll Want to Add to Your Collection

That teacher mug collection you have going is impressive, thanks to gifts from students and random conference swag.

But sometimes your day can be made with a bit of visual humor or a punchline that you’ve handpicked. Check out these 15 funny teacher mugs that we totally want for ourselves.

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1. The classic.

The image of a teacher blithely drinking the tears of her students? It just never gets old!  Buy it for $13.99.

Tears of My Students - 15 Funny Teacher Mugs



2. Punctuation power.


A little cannibalism humor to drive home the importance of the almighty comma. Buy it for $11.99.

Punctuation Saves Lives - 15 Funny Teacher Mugs



3. Silent threat.

Let your mug be stern and your voice mild. Buy it for $18.21.

Don't Make Me Use My Teacher Voice - 15 Funny Teacher Mugs



4. Fresh math humor.

Who knew a simple trig lesson could be such a crack-up? Buy it for $13.50.

Tan(Gerine) - 15 Funny Teacher Mugs



5. Music teacher reminder.

Remind your students that long before social media arrived, the “#” symbol stood for half a note higher in pitch. Buy it for $12.49. 

This Is a Sharp - 15 Funny Teacher Mugs



6. Crazy in love.

Give yourself some props for your skill while addressing your inner Ms. Frizzle for your occupation choice. Buy it for $15.99.

Crazy Enough to Love It - 15 Funny Teacher Mugs



7. Ironic mnemonic.

Confess with your cup how the sovereign spelling rule might be counterfeit. Buy it for $13.50.

I Before E - 15 Funny Teacher Mugs



8. Physic-cal comedy.

Science teachers are full of laughs … as well as physics/Star Wars references. Buy it for $11.99.

May the Force Be With You - 15 Funny Teacher Mugs



9. Google the principal.

This one makes a great gift for the guy or gal in the corner office. Buy it for $18.99.

Principal Google - 15 Funny Teacher Mugs



10. Words are wacky.

We love this one for an ESL teacher who is in on the “English spelling is baffling” joke. Buy it for $15.95.

English Is Weird - 15 Funny Teacher Mugs



11. No cape required.

Go ahead and reveal your secret identity. Buy it for $10.

Teaching Is My Superpower - 15 Funny Teacher Mugs



12. Chem quip.

No self-respecting science teacher’s mug collection is complete without a little periodic table humor. Buy it for $13.99.



13. Pun props.

My puns are “koala tea.” Get it? Buy it for $15.95.

Koala-Tea - 15 Funny Teacher Mugs



14. Hogwarts headmaster wisdom.

More eloquent and effective than the usual “Make good choices!” refrain. Buy it for $10.

Dumbledore - 15 Funny Teacher Mugs



15. The class compliment.

Show your students the love! After all, they are why you come to the classroom each day (and why you down so much coffee). Buy it for $14.95.

Awesome Students - 15 Funny Teacher Mugs