15 Times That School Signs Made Us LOL (Even When They Didn’t Mean To)

All signs point to hilarious!

Collage of Funny School Marquees

Most schools use their marquee signs to announce important events or student birthdays. But some have gotten a little more clever, with funny sayings and jokes to make passersby giggle. And other poor schools accidentally become the butt of the joke when their messages don’t go exactly as planned. Take a coffee break and have a laugh at these funny school signs!

1. Resistance is Futile

School marquee reading Resistance is Futile. You Will Be Educated. (Funny School Signs)

Sorry, kids. It’s time to lower your shields and accept a whole new year’s worth of knowledge.

Source: iFunny

2. Achoo!

School marquee reading "Achoo!" with random letters scattered beneath

Bless you! Now, somebody get that sign a face mask and some hand sanitizer, stat.

Source: Achoo!/{Life}Buzz

3. Don’t Get Arrested


School marquee reading Spring Break March 8-16: Don't Get Arrested

That’s good advice, but we sincerely hope this sign isn’t outside an elementary school.

Source: Don’t Get Arrested/InspireMore

4. Welcome STDs

School marquee reading "Welcome STDS & PARENTS" (Funny School Signs)

There has got to be a better way to abbreviate “students.” Right?

Source: Failblog

5. It’s Summer

School marquee reading: IT's Summer: Try Not to Come to School"

Does anyone really need to be told not to come to school in summer?

Source: It’s Summer/Ranker

6. Tag, You’re It

School Sign reading "Dear Parents, Tag, You're It, Love Teachers" (Funny School Signs)

Let’s see you deal with your kids all day long!

Source: Reddit

7. Chamber of Secrets

School marquee reading "The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir beware."

If Hogwarts had a marquee sign …

Source: Chamber of Secrets/Ranker

8. What Day Is It?

School marquee reading Is it Tues or Sat: Have a Great Summer!"

Oh, those blissful days of summer break. Who cares what day it is!

Source: Lincoln Journal Star

9. Free Shots!

School marquee sign announcing parent night with free shots (Funny School Signs)

This is gonna be the best Parent Night ever!

Source: Free Shots!/Ranker

10. Leteracy Night

School marquee announcing a "Leteracy Night"

Let’s hope whoever hung this sign is already signed up to attend.

Source: Leteracy Night/{Life}Buzz

11. Fortnite Detox

School marquee sign reading "Fortnite Detox: 7:50 am to 2:50 pm Daily!"

Yeah, we know what you did all summer long, kids. Time to get back to learning!

Source: @standrewschoolmb

12. No Whammies!

School marquee sign reading: "Alright, 2021: No Whammies! No Whammies! No Whammies!"

Well, we’re not gonna say 2021 had no whammies at all, but we appreciate the sentiment! (You might have to explain the Press Your Luck reference to the kids, though.)

Source: @rocky_bush

13. Carpool Truth

Sign reading "Carpool: just another thing you'll remind your kids you did for them years from now."

Along with “changed your diapers” and “went to every single Little League game.”

Source: @mamaliciousmama

14. Here’s Your Sign

School marquee sign reading "If you are looking for a sign, here it is." (Funny School Signs)

We’ll take this as a sign to eat chocolate for breakfast, thank you very much.

Source: @greengrasssilverferns

15. What Kind of Exams?

Sign about final exams, with the "I" tipped so the first word looks like "Anal"

Yikes. Just … yikes.

Source: Exams/Ranker

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15 Times That School Signs Made Us LOL (Even When They Didn't Mean To)