With everything going on, who doesn’t need a mental break and a laugh?

After spending far too many hours scrolling through Twitter, we found and rounded up more than 20 hilarious tweets practically made just for teachers. Enjoy!

1. Lost in translation.

This one is so relatable. There’s what we said. Then there’s what they heard!

2. “Hey, Siri!”

Who needs Alexa when you have Mr.D?

3. English teachers, this one’s for you!

And you thought chaperoning the middle school dance was awkward!

4. Accurate.

Yeah. These two have got to go.

5. April Fools’.

A+ for creativity!

6. Why does it have to be so complicated?

It’s an art and a science.

7. There’s no tired like teacher tired!

A teacher’s Friday night.

8. Don’t even think about it.

Just because we teach our kids to share doesn’t mean we have to. Right?!

9. What did you say?

Only a teacher could tune that out!

10. Math humor is the best humor.

Could she be any cuter?

11. This one speaks for itself.

We feel seen.

12. So relatable.

That was quick!

13. Are you ready to rumble?

The 2020-2021 school year is the hardest battle we’ve fought.

14. Virtual classroom management?

Good luck with that.

15. Song of the year!

Best lyrics ever.

16. Better than a jeans day…

We are loving the virtual teacher dress code.

17. You exist in real life?!?!

When our kids realize that we actually exist outside of Zoom!

18. The teacher juggle

This is me every day.

19. Copier, don’t mess with me!

The copier can make or break your school day.

20. Wouldn’t that be amazing?!

Come on Amazon. Let’s make this a thing.

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