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Get 20+ Free PD Course for Your Staff

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Find out how teachers and school leaders can become change-makers in education, with the help of Capella, and why your school district should partner with Capella University.


Looking for more professional development opportunities for your staff? Did you know that Capella University offers 20 free PD courses, as well as opportunities for graduate school for your staff?

When you partner with Capella, at no cost to your school district, your district educators and administrators receive a 10 percent tuition discount on Capella University’s flexible graduate degree offerings. They may even receive access to exclusive grants and scholarships!

Plus, your district teachers and administration can take advantage of Capella’s free, high-quality, flexible PD coursework. These courses can help your teachers make huge gains in the classroom, forge innovation and create authentic connections with students. Capella offers courses to help teachers take their classes to the next level, including:

• Personalized Instruction
• Personalized Learning Through Gaming
• Implementing Adaptive Learning
• Collaborative Learning Environments
• Understanding Competency-based Curriculum and Instruction
• Designing for the 21st Century Classroom
• Flipping Your Classroom
• Digital Citizenship
• Classroom Device Management
• Standards-based Digital Instruction

Discover all the PD, graduate degree offerings and opportunity Capella has to offer your teachers and staff! Click the button below to get started!

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Posted by Jenn Horton

Jenn is an editor for WeAreTeachers and SchoolLeadersNow. She used to work for Oprah for over a decade, teaching folks to "Live Their Best Lives" online and in real life...and she continues to try that herself too (mostly). Her work has appeared on WebMD, CNN, Amazon and various online publications. She lives in Chicago with her husband and two kiddos.

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