Free Shamrock Printable Bundle for St. Patrick’s Day

Get lucky in learning.

Shamrock printable bundle of templates on green background.
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Whether you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day or just feeling lucky, use these shamrock printables to inspire poetry, paragraphs, graphing, decorating, and more. This free shamrock printable bundle includes plenty of templates in different sizes and colors to use in the classroom.

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Green Shamrock Printable

Two medium sized green shamrocks on a printable sheet.
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Shamrock Story Starters

Print out a number of colorful shamrocks and use a permanent marker to add writing prompts or story starters on them. Students can select a shamrock and use the prompt to kick-start their creative writing. Encourage them to write tales of leprechauns, pots of gold, or magical adventures in the Emerald Isle.

Black-and-White Shamrock Printable

Large black and white shamrock printable template.
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Shamrock Mindfulness Meditation

Print out large shamrocks and write calming phrases on them, such as “breathe” or “find your inner peace.” Incorporate these shamrocks into mindfulness meditation sessions, where students can focus on the shamrock imagery to center themselves and promote relaxation.

Lined Shamrock Printable for Writing

Large shamrock printable template with lines.
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Shamrock Poetry Garden

Transform your classroom into a poetry garden. Print out large shamrocks with lines for writing and have students compose their own limericks. Encourage students to read their poetry aloud. Then display the shamrocks around the classroom to showcase their talents.

Shamrock Science Activity


Use large shamrocks with lines for a science activity. Have students hypothesize about the growth of clovers under different conditions (light vs. dark, water vs. soil, etc.) and record their observations on the printable shamrocks. Then plant clover seeds and observe what happens. This hands-on activity fosters critical thinking and scientific inquiry.

Printable Page of Small Shamrocks

Three small shamrocks on printable sheet.
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Shamrock Scavenger Hunt

Hide small shamrocks around the classroom, each with a clue leading to the next. The final destination could hold a special treasure or treat for the students to enjoy. This activity promotes problem-solving skills and teamwork.

Shamrock Secret Messages

Print out blank shamrocks and have students write secret messages or positive affirmations on them. Once completed, students can exchange shamrocks with their classmates or hide them around the classroom for a fun surprise.

Shamrock Printable in Different Sizes

Shamrocks of various sizes on a printable sheet.
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Shamrock Symmetry

Use shamrocks to teach students about symmetry. Print out a variety of shamrocks, and challenge students to decorate the blank ones to create symmetrical designs. This activity combines art and math in a fun and engaging way.

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Bundle of printable shamrocks on a square green background.
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