Free Printable: “On My Walk …” Observation Sheets

Nature walk, Earth Day walk, School Walk, & Library Walk!

Sometimes, classes go on walks. Whether it’s the beginning of the year and you’re showing your class features of the library, or you’re walking around to observe science principles in action, walks are just a part of the elementary school experience.

On My Walk Worksheet

On My Walk I Saw preview 2

On My Walk I Saw preview

With this in mind, I’ve created “observation sheets” for kids to record what they’ve seen on a walk. I made different pages for four different walks you might take your class on. They are:

  • Nature Walk
  • Library Walk
  • Earth Day Walk
  • School Tour

Each page has space for students to draw pictures of four things they observed and write notes about it. For older kids, you may consider requiring complete sentences, use of vocabulary words or a certain amount of sentences.

Download the full-size printables: On My Walk I Saw [PDF]