Free Printable: Contractions Matching Puzzle

Fun as an activity for all or for early finishers!

I remember some of the fast-finisher games my elementary school teachers had. I used to focus really hard on the assigned task so I could get through it with time enough to do the fun (but still educational) fast-finisher activities. Occasionally, we would all get to do a fast-finisher-type activity as an assignment! Wow, that was so cool!

Contractions Matching Puzzle preview

This week’s free printable can be an assignment or a fast-finisher activity. Geared toward younger grades, it’s a matching puzzle that deals with common contractions. If you’re going to use it as a fast-finisher activity you leave in your room for many years, I recommend laminating it. If you’re going to do it as a whole-class activity, make sure your students have the fine motor skills to cut out the pieces first. Alternatively, do this as partners so each student only has to cut out half of the pieces.

Download the full-size printable: Contractions Matching Puzzle [PDF]