Free Printable: Gingerbread Man Writing Activity

Get festive!

In this festive writing activity, students become detectives, trying to find one of their peer’s gingerbread cookie designs!


First, have kids design a gingerbread (man, lady, boy, girl, baby, etc.). They can create a digital version on the computer or decorate a paper version (brown construction paper) with colored glue for icing, buttons for candy eyes, etc.
Colored Glue How to:
Dump bottle glue in a bowl, add food coloring, mix and pour back in the squeeze bottle.


Next, have kids fill out a wanted poster (printable: Gingerbread Wanted Poster) for their paper cookies. Tell them to be very descriptive about what their cookie looks like. Then, hang the gingerbread cookies up around the room and collect their wanted posters.

Pass the posters back out randomly, making sure each child doesn’t have their own mini poster. Students turn into mini detectives. They have to read the description on the poster and find the missing gingerbread cookie!