Kindergarten Readiness Checklist (Free Printable)

Countdown to kindergarten!

Picture of kindergarten readiness checklist and student worksheet

Is your little one gearing up for the exciting world of kindergarten? It is such a special time for kids and parents as we help our children prepare for the first year of school. With that in mind, we’ve created a Kindergarten Readiness Checklist that’s perfect for helping you review the skills teachers say are the most important for helping students have the best possible start to kindergarten. This free printable also comes with an adorable student worksheet your child will love completing that helps them practice some of these skills.


The Kindergarten Readiness Checklist is for the grown-ups. It breaks down skills into important categories:

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This Kindergarten Readiness Checklist makes it easy to see what areas your child might need to focus on before the first day of school. But remember, a child doesn’t need to be able to do every item on the checklist to be ready for kindergarten! Each child is unique, and it’s expected that there may be some areas where your child is still developing skills. Your child’s teacher is excited and eager to meet every child where they’re at when they walk through those doors on the first day of school.

The worksheet is for your soon-to-be kindergartner. It covers colors, numbers, shapes, and more.

Picture of the student worksheet from the kindergarten readiness downloadable

Your child will love this practice sheet that looks and feels just like a real worksheet they’ll soon be using at school! They’ll have a chance to answer simple questions on topics such as numbers, shapes, and colors. Plus this worksheet gives your soon-to-be kindergartner practice holding a pencil and working on fine motor skills.

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