12 Fun First-Day-of-School Worksheets (Free Printables)

Fun activities for the first days and weeks of school.

First Day of School Printables - Classmate Bingo, Back to School Scavenger Hunt, All About Me Printable

Looking for an awesome activity to do on your first day of school? We’ve got you covered! Check out these 12 fun and easy free printable first-day-of-school worksheets. From Classmate Bingo to a First Day of School Flip-Book, there’s something for everyone in this free bundle. Just submit your email here to save and print your collection now.

Here’s what’s included in the free printable first-day-of-school worksheets bundle:

First Day of School Writing Prompts, First Day of School Flip Book, First Day of School Poem

Classmate Bingo

Invite students to mix and mingle as they learn fun facts about one another.

All About Me Worksheet

Have students share their favorite things as well as their goals for this school year.

Back-to-School Scavenger Hunt

Have students search around your classroom to find supplies and learning areas.

First-Day-of-School Writing Prompts & Back-to-School Writing Paper

Choose from a fun list of writing prompts to get those creative juices flowing.

First-Day-of-School Flip-Book


Make a fun flip-book that shares students’ hopes and goals for the year.

First-Day-of-School Poem Template

Invite students to compose a poem about the first day of school with our free template.

First Day of School Printables - We're Different, We're the Same free first day of school worksheets

“What We Do When …” Activity for Writing About Expected Behaviors

Have students write about and draw what it looks like when they are doing small-group work or lining up for class.

“We’re Different, We’re the Same” Classmate Venn Diagram Activity

Invite students to compare their similarities and differences.

I Wish My Teacher Knew

“I Wish My Teacher Knew …” Printable

Invite students to share the things they want you to know about their lives.

3, 2, 1, Back to School free first day of school worksheets

3, 2, 1 Back-to-School Writing Activity

Encourage students to share their “3, 2, 1” countdowns with the class.

Interview a Classmate Printable

Help students sharpen their speaking and listening skills with this free printable.

“What Our Classroom Looks Like During …” Activity

Use this printable to talk about expected behaviors during independent work, partner work, and more.

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