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Family Guide to Best School Year Ever

Connecting throughout the school year with your students’ families is tough. There’s so much on your to-do list and so much ground to cover. And, when you don’t see your classroom parents every day, it’s challenging to make sure they are up to speed on everything you want them to know. That’s why we’re loving this free family guide on school success.

“A Family Guide to the Best School Year Ever” is packed with tips, hacks and suggestions on how parents can help set their kids up for success. If parents feel confident in reinforcing your classroom expectations all year round at home—it’s a win win for everyone.

And best of all, it’s FREE and you can order a set of 30 right now to send home in your students’ backpacks!

Here’s why we know you AND your classroom parents will love it:

1. It’s so easy to order

Just click on this link, fill out the form and 30 copies will be on the way to you in no time at all!

2. Offers thoughtful ways to continuously build parent-teacher relationships


Parent Teacher Conferences - Family Guide

It’s the little things that go such a long way. This guide provides simple ideas for parents—like encouraging them to share their child’s weaknesses with you so you can create solutions together. Plus, gentle reminders that parents need to hear you out—no matter how unfair their child claims you’re being!

3. Includes the easiest breakfast recipes we’ve ever tasted

Breakfast - Family Guide

A hungry child is a recipe for disaster. No one can learn and engage on an empty stomach! The guide’s breakfast ideas are healthy, can be prepped in advance and easily assembled without an adult meaning no excuses.

4. Real parents share how reading became a top priority


When it comes to getting your students to read more, well, the struggle is real. But getting that classroom full of book lovers starts at home. We’re obsessed with the suggestions these parents offered—like writing letters to favorite authors or starting a family challenge to read a set amount of books throughout the year (and, we won’t tell if you modify any of these ideas for your classroom!)

5. There’s a morning routine mini poster

Routines foster independence and a sense of calm. And if your students walk into your classroom feeling centered and ready to start the day—well, it’s contagious!

Morning routine poster for students

6. It’s packed with hacks you can use too

family guide - pizza

You know how grocery shopping after school can feel like torture? Especially if you have restless kids with you or are ready to drop after a long day? You don’t have to dread it any more. Our favorite “hack”? Order your groceries with Walmart’s Online Grocery Pickup! Everyone can place their orders on the way to school—and pick them up on the drive home. No kids to corral, no shopping aisles to navigate, no need to get out of your car! 

7. Did we mention it takes NO time to sign up?

Office Space - family guide sign up

Stop what you’re doing, click on this link and fill out the form. We’ll send 30 copies to you right away so you’re guaranteed to have the best school year ever!