25 Fourth Grade Brain Breaks To Brighten Your Day!

Would you rather, This or That, and more!

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Do your students have that glazed look in their eyes? Has your classroom gone silent? Does it feel like the minutes are just ticking by? If so, don’t worry—we’ve all been there! That’s why we’ve come up with this list of fourth grade brain breaks to help you boost the mood!

1. Would You Rather?

They’ll have 10 seconds to choose between two options. Then they have 30 seconds to do the matching activity!

2. Go Bananas!

“Peel, peel, peel the banana!”

3. Boom Chicka Boom

“I Said A Boom Chicka Boom!”


4. 12 Illusions That Will Test Your Brain


What do you and your students see?

5. THIS or THAT — Food Edition

In 10 seconds, students will choose between two options of food. Then they have 30 seconds to do the matching activity! 

6. I To The L

“This is a tough one!”

7. POGO (Dance-A-Long)

“I’m gonna bounce all over town.”

8. Rock Paper Scissors Battle

Give students 10 seconds to battle a challenger at Rock Paper Scissors, then 20 seconds to do the matching activity.

9. Never Have I Ever

Have students answer a “Have You Ever?” question, then give them 20 seconds to do the matching activity.

10. THIS or THAT — Video Games Edition

Allow 10 seconds to choose between two video games, then 20 seconds to do the matching Fortnite Emote Dance.

11. The Coolest Person (Dance-A-Long)

“‘Cause you, you, you, you are the coolest person I, I, I, I know.”

12. Yoga with Multiplication

This fourth grade brain break is a great way for students to get active while practicing math skills.

13. Floss Dance

“Slide your hips out to the left and to the right!”

15. 5 Minute “Fortnite” Workout

Enjoy this fun Fortnite Emotes workout!

16. Roblox Fitness Run!

Students will jump, duck, and dodge while collecting as much ROBUX as possible!

17. Pizza Man

“Drive a Chevy Van like Peter Pan as you sing and dance the Pizza Man!”

18. The Cha Cha Slide

“Take it back now, y’all!”

19. Chair Exercises

Two rounds of arm rolls and in and outs.

20. Guess That State

A fun way to test your students’ knowledge, get some exercise, and have some fun.

21. Purple Stew

“What are you gonna add to our purple stew?”

22. Clap It Out

“This is how you rock with syllables!”

23. Don’t Read Like a Robot

“You gotta read with expression!”

24. Strengthen Your Focus

Students can learn how to strengthen their focus with this calming exercise for the mind and body.

25. Mood Walk

“Explore, name, and act out your emotions as you go on a mood walk!”

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25 Fourth Grade Brain Breaks To Brighten Your Day!