Are you ready for some football? It’s time to kick off learning with these fabulous, fun, and free football activities. From reading and writing to math skills and beyond, these ideas are sure to become fan favorites. Choose a few to add to your game plan this season!

1. Learn the alphabet

Yellow goal post surrounded by letters of the alphabet with a paper football (Football activities)

Learning the alphabet? Name a letter and ask students to use the football to cover it up. You can also try this activity using beginning letter sounds instead.

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2. Pair letters with their sounds

Cartoon football players with letters on their chests and footballs with pictures of various items

Use these free printable cards to give kids practice matching letters with their starting sounds. This set focuses on the letters W, G, F, and M.

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3. Work on sight words

Cards with pictures of hen and ram and footballs with matching words on them (Football Activities)

Here’s another football-themed matching game, this time using sight words. Get your free printable set at the link.

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4. Master the concept of “farthest”

Football field with children's pictures at different distances and a sign saying "Who threw the farthest?" (Football Activities)

Use this active learning idea to help kids understand the idea of “farthest.” Kids throw a toy football onto the field to see who can throw it farthest, so they get motor skill practice too.

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5. Diagram football sentences

Pink divided box filled with laminated colored shapes and cards containing football-related sentences

Kids use Montessori-style diagramming shapes to indicate the various parts of football-themed sentences. Grab your free printables at the link.

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6. Write about the Super Bowl

Cutout football players with spelling words and a Super Bowl prediction

This craftivity is perfect for Super Bowl week. Students get handwriting and spelling practice as they write out their Super Bowl predictions, then color a player to display them.

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7. Match and move

Printable cards with cartoon football pictures and images of children exercising

Combine exercise with a memory game to get two football activities in one! When kids flip a matching pair, they keep the cards. If the pair is an activity card, all the players do the exercise shown.

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8. Build LEGO goalposts

Yellow football goalposts built from LEGO bricks with a folded triangle paper football (Football Activities)

Pull out the LEGO bricks and ask your kids to build their own goalposts. Once they’re made, you can use them for lots of other football activities.

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9. Flick the paper football for learning

Football field with sight words on the yard lines, goal posts made from blocks, and a paper football

Do you remember how to fold an old-school paper football? Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten. You’ll find the how-to at the link, along with instructions for playing a sight word football game.

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10. Engineer a football catapult

Child using a catapult made of wood craft sticks to launch goldfish crackers through miniature goal posts (Football Activities)

Challenge your students to construct catapults from wood craft sticks and rubber bands. Set up those LEGO goalposts, then see if kids can make a field goal!

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11. Roll the dice to make ten

Paper dice printed with numbered footballs on a paper football field

Use the special free printable dice found at the link for this game. Kids move their players down the field every time they manage to roll numbers that add up to ten.

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12. Practice counting on

Child moving a plastic football player figurine down a paper football field (Football Activities)

You can use traditional dice for this football learning activity. Each player starts in their own end zone. Roll the dice and move your player down the field, counting the yards as you go. On your next turn, roll again and continue to count from the yard line where you left off. First to the other team’s end zone wins! 

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13. Use football-themed ten frames

Ten frame card with equation 3+5, with three footballs and five blue blocks

Work on simple addition problems with these free printable cards that use footballs to mark ten frame spots. You get a dozen different cards for kids to tackle.

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14. Memorize multiplication facts

Printed paper football field with math worksheet describing the rules of the game

Roll the dice (you’ll need nine-sided dice for this one) and multiply the two numbers. Use the product to determine your next move according to the score sheet. Careful… some rolls will set you back ten yards!

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15. Sew a paper football

Paper footballs made by sewing two pieces of construction paper together with yarn

Get some fine motor skill practice with this cute craft. Kids sew two halves of a paper football together with yarn, then stuff it with paper towels. The result is a fun little toy that’s (fairly) safe to toss around inside.

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16. Weave a football

Football made of woven strips of brown construction paper

You can’t throw this football around, but the weaving is good training for little fingers. Learn how to make your own at the link.

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17. Solve a football brain teaser

Goalpost made from 4 toothpicks laid on top of a worksheet with a football printed on it

Fill a few moments at the end of class or use this brain teaser as a bell ringer. Can you rearrange these goalposts so the football is outside by touching only two toothpicks? (The answer is at the link!)

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18. Learn football positions

Wicker basket holding cards showing pictures of football players and descriptions of their positions (Football Activities)

Want to learn more about the game itself? These matching cards describe each position and show pictures of the players in action.

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18 Fantastic Super Bowl and Football Activities For Your Teacher Playbook