Just 18 GIFs That Sum up My First Year as a Teacher

Hair included.

My First Year as a Teacher Told in GIFs

When it comes to my first year as a teacher, I’m left a little speechless. Good thing there are GIFs to do express how I feel.

Me, unaccustomed to dealing with so many tween-age feelings:

Upon realizing that my school didn’t have money for books, resources, or counselors:

My entire classroom management “plan”:

Any errands after school:

Pretending that I knew what I was doing:

To my students misbehaving while I was being observed:

Remembering when faculty meetings were happening:

I did a lot of this:

And this:

Until I got to this point:

My version of behavior redirection:

My quickly developing attitude toward school supplies I had to buy/replenish myself:

Every day. Hair included.

Watching my friends feel secure about their financial futures:

Working for hours on a lesson plan I was sure would delight my students:

Reading my first thank-you letter:

At my students’ basketball games/award ceremonies/8th grade graduation:

And yet, despite the parts of teaching that left me curled up on the floor on the grocery store of my life, thinking about the next school year:

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My First Year as a Teacher Told in GIFs

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