14 Inspiring First Grade Blogs and Teachers to Follow

Get inspired by your peers.

First Grade Blogs

We absolutely love learning from our fellow teachers. Technology can definitely be a distraction, but we’re grateful for the ways in which it helps us connect. More than ever, educators are finding creative ways to reach students and miraculously make time for self-care. Here’s a list of some of the best first grade blogs to follow for a little inspiration.

Happy Hearts in 1st

first grade blogs

Why we love them: Kelsey clearly loves her classroom AND coffee. Need we say more?

Must-read post: Kids will really love these printable pizzas that help younger students learn about fractions!


Stickies and Sharpies

Why we love them: Lauren is dedicated to the classroom, but also encourages us to take breaks and treat ourselves!


Must-read post: Check out her rainbow drawers for storing sight word activities and fluency activities!

The Lemonade Stand Teacher

Why we love them: Tiffany’s goal is to “turn those lemony standards into SWEET success!” That’s why we think this is one of the best first grade blogs!

Must-read post: As a forward-thinker, she’s already brainstorming about next year’s classroom and how she can make it better for her students!

Our Elementary Daze

Why we love them: Lilly and Sarah create fun t-shirts with inspirational quotes for their fellow teachers! 

Must-read post: You’ll love the “Get Your Virtual Teach On” design that’s perfect for educators who are distance learning. 

Hey Hey First Grade

Why we love them: Jordan shares everything from cute family photos to ways to take old crayons and turn them into something new!

Must-read post: She created a fantastic guide for helping kids determine whether they’re going through a small problem that they can face on their own—or a big problem that needs the support of an adult. Way to empower students!

Missing Tooth Grins

Why we love them: Alisha’s first grade blog has creative suggestions for ways to boost learning in the classroom and at home! 

Must-read post: These outdoor writing activities will give your students fresh air and fresh ideas.

Miss Johnston’s Journey

Why we love them: Lindsey’s Instagram is filled with inspirational quotes, classroom ideas, and honest real-life struggles. 

Must-read post: Her “I’m Still Learning to Be Okay with Being a Teacher” shares some truths about how we feel about our important (but challenging) roles. 

Purely Primary

Why we love them: Alma has design and decoration ideas that are gorgeous and vibrant for those who don’t want to use super bright colors. 

Must-read post: She’s got great tips on how to give your classroom a fresh, clean start at the beginning of a new school year. 

Teacher To The Core

Why we love them: Katie is a “real teacher with real solutions for real classrooms.”

Must-read post: She has a packet filled with resources for making parent-teacher communication easier! 

Creatively Teaching First

Why we love them: Emily has created resources for everything from organizing unfinished work to teacher reminders. 

Must-read post: These customizable bookmarks will let your students know that you really see who they are and value their uniqueness. 

Teaching & Much More

Why we love them: Along with helpful tips, you can count on Vicky to share lighthearted posts to keep you laughing! 

Must-read post: She missed going to the pool so much due to the quarantine that she made one out of chalk.

Teaching With Haley

Why we love them: Haley encourages us to put relationships first and that “character education matters.”

Must-read post: She tackles “Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in the Inclusive Classroom” with thoughtfulness and love. 

Foxwell Forest

Why we love them: Becca’s goal is to equip teachers with engaging resources, books, and ideas to help students foster a deep love of reading!

Must-read post: She shares her positive experiences with unplugging from social media and how it can help when we’re feeling overwhelmed. 

One Giggle at a Time

Why we love them: Diana’s Instagram posts remind us to look for the silver linings, even during our toughest moments.

Must-read post: She shares a useful social story highlighting the importance of being respectful while we’re video chatting. 

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