Happy #FeetUpFriday: Our Favorite Teacher Links This Week

How many days until winter break? (Asking for a friend.)

Meghan Markle #FeetupFriday

Happy, happy #FeetUpFriday… and helllllloooo December.

This week: We’re kicking off December with 31 days of Random Acts of Kindness… you should too! We get the low down on Meghan Markle from a former teacher. And we add a couple of things to our wishlist.

  1.  On Meghan Markle by her former teacher.
  2. A random acts of kindness calendar.
  3.  This shirt = ? ?
  4. Can’t decide which school your kids should go to? There’s a coach for that.
  5. These earrings get me. #santaplease
  6. Pinning all the Elf on the Shelf ideas.

#FeetUpFriday Shoutout goes to @schoolinthesuburbs. Excuse me while I zoom in on those paper flowers.