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This Free Financial Literacy Site Is a Game Changer

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This Site Makes High School Financial Literacy Happen (Yes, Please!)

Have you seen this viral tweet?

Did you nod your head in agreement?

We did, too! While there’s no doubt that parallelograms have their place, recent graduates are feeling the effects of a lack of financial education in the high school curriculum.

Did you know that 1 in 5 students lack basic financial literacy (PISA 2015)?

That’s why we’re digging Fast Lane, a free platform that helps teachers and education stakeholders bring high school financial literacy to the classroom. Teachers, school administrators, parents, students, policymakers, and community members all benefit from Fast Lane’s in-depth research with both original and curated resources that advocate for stronger high school financial literacy programming. They’ve compiled the best of the best in high school financial literacy resources in one place, so you don’t have to! Fast Lane’s mission is clear: Let’s arm high school students with the skills and real confidence to make smart money decisions now and for their future. We’re in!

What we like about Fast Lane:

There are four key pillars to Fast Lane’s high school financial literacy mission. For you, this means practical lesson planning and shareable, research-backed articles and money-wise guides that help teens think critically and responsibly about making smart money choices. Fast Lane steers its financial literacy stakeholders in the right direction, with curated resources to help you to understand your personal role and responsibility, how to advocate for effective financial curriculum, how to educate your students with best practices, and how to make connections with like-minded high school financial literacy educators. We’re all in this together!

1. Learn. 

You don’t have to be the financial expert at the head of the class with all the answers. From steering you toward effective curriculum to explaining why teaching financial IQ matters most, Fast Lane’s teacher road maps guide you to make personal choices for your classroom. 

2. Advocate. 

Teachers can push for effective high school education in all kinds of ways, no matter their experience level. Fast Lane’s requirement checklist, advocacy manual and six essential elements for a high school education program are a great starting point.

3. Educate.

Fast Lane offers teachers both curriculum and evaluation tool kits. Learn the important topics to cover, how to maximize learning time, and find teacher training resources. Teachers can check student progress with a step-by-step evaluation tool kit that gauges program value, too.

4. Connect.

Fast Lane’s forum shines a light on the value of community in meeting high school financial literacy goals. Connect with other teachers to share each other’s experience. Get all education stakeholders to join the conversation. There’s strength in all of our voices and, if we work together, high school financial literacy is within our reach!

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