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Do you want to keep germs out of your school? Whether learning will occur in person, virtually, or in a home-school setting, this innovative handwashing unit study helps to keep germs at bay— keeping students healthy and in class!

Handwashing WorksTM is a free download that shows students how to successfully wash their hands through a fun, engaging lesson that seamlessly incorporates into your health curriculum. In the unit study, students learn what germs are, when they should wash their hands, and the five steps to follow for effective handwashing.

The Handwashing Work toolkit comes with a lesson plan, worksheets, activities, a phone app link, colorful posters, a virtual learning presentation, and more to keep students engaged before, during, and after the lesson.

About the Program

Essity, a global hygiene and health company strives to improve hygiene standards in schools and make a difference in public health. They worked with School District of Philadelphia administrators and teachers to refine a lesson plan and activities and align it to broad-based health curriculums for grades PreK to 2 across the country. The program helps establish and reinforce life-long healthy handwashing habits, which will help decrease the spread of germs throughout schools and homes

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