Saying goodbye to students can be so hard. After spending a whole year working together, it’s impossible to imagine our classrooms without them! One of the best ways to show them how much they mean to you is to write end-of-year letters to students. Below you’ll find tips for creating these special messages and 10 of our favorite examples.

Top tips for writing end-of-year letters to students:

Use a template

The end of the year is super hectic, which is why it’s a good idea to use a template for your end-of-year letters.

Keep it short

We make a lot of memories with our kids, but trying to create a highlight reel for everyone will be tough. It’s better to keep your end-of-year letters to students short and sweet. Even if it’s brief, it can be heartfelt.


Even if you use a template, there are ways to customize your letter. Of course, you’ll want to address your notes to each student by name. Along with your signature at the bottom, though, you can mention one special thing you’ll remember about them so that it feels more personal.

Examples of end-of-year letters to students:

Still not sure what you want to write? Here are our top ten examples and templates that you can follow!

1. Goodbye Poem for Kindergarten Students

Free Printable Goodbye Poem

Sometimes, a poem can capture our feelings better than any letter ever could. This sweet printable is perfect for letting your students know how much they mean to you, while also reinforcing language skills. It’s a win-win!

2. Personalized Farewell Letters

Before your students fly off into summer break, let these superheroes know just how proud you are of all they’ve accomplished. This template allows you to create one-of-a-kind messages for students and also includes two parent letters which can be printed or emailed.

3. Letter to Help Families Transition

Last Day of School letter

The end of the school year is the closing of one door and the opening of another. Thank your families for all that they’ve done with this simple letter.

4. End-of-Year Free Student Letter

If you’re looking for a great end-of-year letter template that’s easy to personalize, look no further! This sample can be customized for students of all ages and grade levels, allowing you to share those bittersweet words of encouragement efficiently and effectively.

5. Classroom Awards for Middle and High School Students

Want to let your upper-grade students know you think highly of them, but don’t want to write end-of-year letters? Give them awards! This package includes 28 customizable awards, as well as bookmarks and templates for a “letter to future students” activity.

6. Bookmarks For Your Little Stars

End of Year Bookmarks

These adorable bookmarks are the perfect way to end the year on a good note AND give your students something to reflect on as they read over the summer.

7. There’s Gold in Every Piece of Your Story

Remind students about all of the good you’ve seen in your classroom! This editable end-of-year letter can be filled with supportive and encouraging messages from teachers throughout the school. What a way to help kids finish strong!

8. Thank-You Letter to Parents

Coming up with the right words to say thank you to parents and/or guardians at the end of the year can be tough. This template will help you create a thoughtful message that can be tailored for each student.

9. Letter to Next Year’s Students

Still of end of year letter to students sample

End-of-year reflections are so wonderful, so why not make the activity even more meaningful by having them write letters to next year’s students? Have them write about what to expect in your classroom, favorite assignments, tips for success, and more. Not only will this be a fun way to welcome your future students, but you’ll also gain a lot of insight from reading what they shared!

10. Letter of Advice to a Younger Student

Finish the year with a meaningful and engaging assignment that promotes social-emotional learning and critical thinking. Empower students to share advice and tips for academic success and general life and well-being.

Do you have more great end-of-year letter examples? Share in the comments below!

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10 Examples of Awesome End of Year Letters to Students