This Teacher Asked ChatGPT to Write a Personalized End-of-Year Poem for Each of His Students, and the Results Are Pretty Great

You can have personalized poems in minutes.

ChatGPT poem

You can’t go wrong with a personalized gift for your students. Whether it’s for birthdays or an end-of-year celebration, it’s sure to make kids feel special and seen. Yet, who has the time to craft a perfectly rhyming poem to sum up each student? Enter ChatGPT poem creation.

A teacher Wisconsin got creative by using ChatGPT to help him create personalized poems for each of his kindergarten students. We love the idea and definitely recommend stealing it. Here’s how he made it happen.

Write out all student names, along with something unique.

ChatGPT Poem for students

If you give ChatGPT a specific student’s name and ask it to write a poem, you’ll likely get a lot of general, generic lines. The results are just so-so. But if you add in a detail or two about the specific person, it can be really fun and interesting. For example, make a list of your student’s names, along with one or two things unique to them. It can be something they’re good at, a favorite animal, or anything else to personalize it.

Request a short poem in ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Poem Request

For best results, type into ChatGPT something like this: “Could you write me a short poem for a child named _________. She likes butterflies.” Or another example could be: “Write me a short poem for a boy named _________. He likes to tell jokes.”

Make modifications and adjustments as needed.

ChatGPT Poem modifications

This is where ChatGPT shines. If you don’t like a certain word or line, ask ChatGPT to redo it. Is a word too advanced for your students? Is there a part that doesn’t rhyme all that great? Do you want the poem to be shorter or longer? Specify the changes you want, and then you’ll get results in seconds. Now we’ll admit, the cadence isn’t always perfect and the words don’t always feel perfect, but it’s pretty impressive overall.

Copy and paste the poems into a simple Canva template.


Once you have the poems, print them out for your students. It’s easy to pop them into a quick Canva template or word document. This teacher used a simple bifold design so he could write a message inside like a card.

Print and share.

ChatGPT poem for all students

If you plan to give the poems out as cards or to recognize students, you could add in a quick, personalized message. You could also do one-page designs to frame or hang in the classroom. This idea could also be used to recognize students for special accomplishments or on their birthdays.

Now that you know how good ChatGPT is at generating poems, how will you use it? Will you create a poem to honor your room parent? Have your students make suggestions to create a classroom poem for the principal? Have fun creating with AI.

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This teacher got creative with a ChatGPT poem. He had personalized poems created for all of his students for an end-of-year surprise.